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2/19/17 - You should probably go check out Streets of Rogue.

9/30/09 - Man, this site is ancient. I mean, seriously. I updated a few ancient sections because.. well, why not, it's the biggest update this site has had in years.

12/4/08 - Hey whoa, I actually started blogging regularly??  Yeah, check it out.  I'll be talking about all things gaming and game development related.

10/20/08 - So, It looks as though I'll be working as an Associate Producer at HB Studios in Nova Scotia.  Maybe I'll actually update my blog soon with an account of my really long and drawn-out job search...

I forgot to mention this a few months ago, but as of May, this site turned 10 years old!  Yeah that's right, the proof is in my Old News section!  A little history, a guy named XAbbott from the ZZT community originally designed this site for me when I was but a young bespectacled nerd of 14 years.  The site was originally created as a home for my ZZT games. Then it became a full-blown video game rom and review site.  Then it got shut down, because it's kind of illegal to distribute roms. The site returned in April 2001 with the layout that you see today.  Yes, it has remained unchanged for more than 7 years.  That's practically half the lifespan of the world wide web.  Hey, if you can come up with a more functional design, I'd like to see it. 

I have some ideas for a new game and I've started a design doc for it.  Will Project: TWDAM (working title) actually come to fruition?  I dunno, maybe?

6/25/08 - As of yesterday, SimCity Societies Destinations has been released.  The game is available through digital download from EA's store, or in the SimCity Box, which includes the original SimCity Societies, Destinations, SimCity 4 and its expansion, the trial version of Spore Creature Creator, and something called Sims Carnival SnapCity.  No standalone box release for Destinations though. :-(  Too bad, it's a really worthwhile expansion pack for anyone who enjoyed the original game-- which itself has been significantly improved through all the patches we put out.  Seriously, tack on at least an extra ten points to the game's Metacritic score, that's how much it's changed since its November release.

3/22/08 - I thought I posted this a month ago, but apparently it slipped my mind...  Anyway, the next game that I'm involved with has been officially announced: SimCity Societies Destinations.  Actually it's an expansion pack.  I'm lead Development Support on this, so if something's not working, it's likely I messed up.  Hopefully that won't happen too much.

11/15/07 - SimCity Societies is in stores now!  This is my first professional project where I had a really significant hand in the game's development beyond testing.  It's a pretty big departure from previous games in the series, so it's not going to please everyone.  But, (and this is mostly directed at the super-hardcore SC fans) if you go in with an open mind and try to put aside your expectations of what a typical SimCity game should be, you'll probably have a lot of fun.  And if you're into modding, be sure to check out the numerous XML documentation texts that come with the game, because I personally wrote most of them!  Exciting!  XML documentation!

As for personal projects: I haven't been working on any new games of my own, and I have no plans to in the near future.  Not that I'm ruling out a return to indie game development one day, but working on games all day kind of makes me not want to work on games when I get home.

6/26/07 - As it turns out, SimCity Societies wasn’t the only one of my games to get a write-up in the July issue of Games for Windows.  The Free Play section of the magazine includes Between Heaven and Hell!  Here’s what they had to say:

Got to be a long-in-the-tooth gamer like me, and fond memoriesflashbacks to simpler daysoccasionally club you over the head.  The year: 1991.  I’m sitting in front of my old computer after installing Out of This World.  The stark graphics, weird animation, and moody atmosphere blew the mind.  Look around for Another World online to nab a remixed version cheap.

What the hell does this have to do with Between Heaven and Hell?  We get a new free game obviously inspired by that classic title.  You’re Vince.  You’ve had better days.  Run over by a drunk driver, you’re in limbo, and your fiancée is hell-bound.  It’s time to square off against demons, robots, and “an evil lady who throws bombs!”  You’re running, jumping, and crawling through a neat 2D world.

Better still, the smudgy art style reminds me of that old a-ha music video.  All that’s missing is some dude with flowing locks whining to “take on me.”

This is actually the second time this magazine has promoted one of my games—they included AfterShocked! on their monthly CD back when the mag was called Computer Gaming World.  Whoever wrote this piece, many thanks! 

6/14/07 - So, for the past four and a half months, I’ve been working in development support at Tilted Mill on a new game called SimCity Societies!  Yeah, EA just announced it officially a couple of days ago.  We’ve gotten a lot of flack from SimCity fans for the game’s departures from SimCity 4, but I can tell you that this game is shaping up nicely into something really interesting and unique.  Go get the latest Games for Windows magazine, they have a big cover story, and then reserve the game.  I’ll do my part and try to get this thing working as clean as possible..

1/13/07 - A brand new game that I worked on will be coming out this coming Tuesday.  Just a little piece of work, nothing huge or anything.  It's called World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.  We have a fairly big fan base in Korea right now, hopefully this thing will catch on in the States...  Yeah, I've been at Blizzard's QA department for the past half year, six days a week, night crew.  I'm also quitting to start a new job on the eve of the game's release.  Hopefully, Blizzard won't fall apart without me.  Anyways, get that fat ass off of your sticky chair, quickly and sweatily head over to EB Games, and purchase a copy of Burning Crusade.  It's likely got more content than any expansion pack in gaming history, and testing it all was a Herculean task.  And if you have something to bitch about on the bug forums, try to be polite about it, because well.. guess who had to deal with that stuff?  Now, go kill some wild thistle boars for phat lootz or whatever the hell it is you kids do in this game!

11/20/06 - Hey, I've been interviewed!  It's got a bunch of info on Between Heaven and Hell's development and also provides a pretty good summary of my experiences in professional and non-professional game development.  Thanks to James "Chakan" Barton of Interlaced.

9/13/06 - ...And, unbelievably, Between Heaven and Hell is finally out.  Check out its website and get it now now now!  If you're a fan of action-adventure-platformers in the vein of Out of This World and Prince of Persia, you need to get this game now-- from what I can gather, there haven't been any games like this released in years, and there won't be any new ones anytime soon!  If you haven't played either of the games I just mentioned, get BHAH anyway.  Then tell all your buddies to go play it.  And their children.  And their children's children!

9/3/06 - A bunch of small changes have been made to the site.  Between Heaven and Hell has a new spruced-up website, and the game is still on track to be released around the 12th.  Also notable, the entire AfterShocked! soundtrack is finally available for download.  Oh, and I have a blog now.  Not sure what sort of stuff I'll be putting in there, but check it out...


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