Between Heaven and Hell is not a terribly long game, but it can be a tricky game to get through-- especially if you haven't played too many platformers, or if your patience level is low.  For you people, I am happy to provide a full walkthrough!

Scene 1

So, just what the hell is going on here anyways?  The only way to find out is to progress to the right.  Vince can easily pass the chasm, since he can hang from the right side.  After entering the cave, you'll be faced with a number of pits.  A series of walk-jumps is your best option here.  Upon entering the next room, you may kinda wish you hadn't...  However, you can get out by jumping to the center platform, then the left platform, and then pressing the button on the wall.  This will open the grate on the right side of the screen, leading to a tunnel.  Oh crap, now a demon is chasing you?!  Get out of the tunnel, immediately stand up and run to the right.  Soon there will be a whole bunch of demons chasing you-- fantastic.  Simply climb to the right and after reaching the top, run over the button on the floor to activate a bridge.  Progressing to the left... hey, more demons.  The next jump is a long one, but it's doable.  So now you're trapped in a room with seemingly no means of escape... wait, did that glass just shake?  The only way to break it is to gain a whole lot of speed by traveling through the air.  So, climb to the top left of the screen, and walk-jump onto the glass.  Now you're really in deep shit.  Luckily, there's an exit to the left, where you came in.  Given that the demons are chasing you, you'll need to get past the pits quickly this time.  Try to jump onto the first column-- it's a long jump, but if you can make it, you'll avoid having to pull yourself up, saving you valuable time.  Always do running jumps here.  Once out of the cave, jump over the two demons on the ground, and then jump over the pit as you did before.  Soon, you'll run into... robed figures?!  When they tell you to "Get down!", they mean it.  Duck under their fire and, hey, you're out of the woods... or are you?

Scene 2

Trapped in a jail cell, what a predicament.  Notice that you can actually open the grate, but there's a giant fan blocking your way.  In the cell, jump up three times, hitting the ceiling and annoying the guy above you.  The guard will then come to check on you.  Fortunately, he's none too bright.  Hide in the air duct and he'll think you've escaped.  He also conveniently leaves the door open, allowing you access to the switch that turns the fan off.  To the left, you'll have to pass a ton of electricity.  My best advice for the first couple of screens is to not rush.  Take your time and think ahead, and you'll do a lot better.  The screen with the switch looks difficult, but isn't.  Remember that one part of level 7 in Contra?  Yeah, same deal here, only way easier.  Walk one step forward at a time and you'll pass easily, but it's probably not even necessary to be that careful.  Head back to the right after pressing the switch, and you'll notice that a couple screens back, you'll be able to drop down a level.  Once again, with some decent timing and a little patience, you can get through easily.  Notice that the switch says "fan speed".  Hit it, then go back up and turn the fan back on.  Apparently the Robes are looking for you.  Uh oh.  Now that the fan is blowing faster, you can use it to propel yourself upwards and out of this area.

Scene 3

A couple of screens to the right, you'll notice a shaky light fixture below you.  If you jump straight up and land on the floor above it, it will fall.  Time your jump so that you begin directly after the Robe changes direction and begins moving.  And be careful, because if you mess up, you're screwed.  One screen left, drop down a floor from the right side of the gap as the Robe moves to the left.  A couple of screens to the right, you'll get to take part in some serious stealth gameplay on the complexity level of Splinter Cell.  Hide behind the first wall before the Robes turn around.  Progress to the second wall when neither of the Robes are looking in your direction, and progress to the right using the same method.  The next screen works largely the same way, except you'll have to duck to hide behind some of these walls.  No big deal.  You can pass the next screen by jumping over the Robe's head as he walks to the left.  If other Robes are chasing you, you probably won't have the time to do this correctly, so don't get spotted.  As you push the button in the next area, the door will seem to be broken.  It isn't.  Keep pushing, even when the Robe begins walking your way.  As soon as the door opens completely, run to the right and onto the elevator, which will automatically take you up.

Scene 4

Great, as if you didn't have enough problems already, an insane flying woman has dropped bouncing bombs all over the next area.  The first couple are easily passed.  Go through the lower route first.  As you walk over the room with the button, notice how cracked and shaky the ceiling is.  The next screen is a little tricky.  Stand on the first column, and wait for the bombs to bounce in such a way that the rightmost bomb drops slightly before the leftmost bomb.  Jump over the pit and then immediately jump over the second pit to reach the switch.  This will open a door above you.  Progress back to the right using the same technique as before.  At the fork in the path, go to the top-left this time.  In the first screen of this section, wait until the right moment and jump completely over the first column on which the bomb is bouncing without even landing on it.  In dealing with the second bomb, wait until it is high in the air, run under it and jump at the edge of the pit.  Passing the next three bombs may require a bit of patience.  Wait until they land at approximately the same time, and then run to the left without stopping.  What's this in the next room, a blue flame that "destabilizes electronics"?  Wonderful, now you can get rid of those bombs!  In fact, shooting the bomb that rolls in from the right is the only way to get out of this room.  Notice how it blows up when you knock it off the ledge.  Shoot the bombs on the next screen and roll them into the pits so that they'll blow up the ceiling of that button room below.  Do the same with the bomb above the grate-- if you knock this one down, it will blow up the grate and reveal an air duct.  Push the button in the small room whose ceiling you blew up, then progress through the air duct to the right to reach a tram.

Scene 5

This scene may seem tough (perhaps not to BattleToads fans), but it's not so bad once you figure out the mechanics behind the tram.  If you press up or down, all the lights on the tram will light up in sequence before any movement occurs.  The trick here is to realize that you can press up or down as the tram is still moving so that the light sequence will begin early, thus moving the tram earlier and allowing you to avoid the electricity more easily.

Scene 6

Kathryn continues to make your life difficult by attempting to drop tons of bouncing bombs on your oddly dry head (weren't you in the water just a second ago?).  When she moves to the left or right sides of the screen, she can only drop one bomb per trip.  Just run under and past her to easily avoid the initial throw.  Shoot the bombs quickly when they drop so you won't accidentally run into them.  However, you can use these bombs for your own means as well.  Roll them into the water, and a fish will bounce them up into the air.  If you time this right, they will hit Kathryn!  Three hits and she'll leave you alone... for now.

Scene 7

Any time you see wacky green screens in this scene, you should shoot them.  It's the only way to open the first door here.  In the next screen, shoot the screen to the right to make the left bridge appear.  Walk to the end of this bridge, shoot the green screen again, step on to the conveyor and begin walking.  Coincidentally, Vince walks at the same speed as the conveyor moves, so he'll essentially be locked in place while waiting for the right bridge to appear.  On the next screen, you don't want to be on those floors when they flash.  The best strategy here is to begin running across them, then time a running jump for slightly before they flash.  The next screen features a crusher.  Obviously, this is hazardous to your health.  Run under it and it will begin coming down slowly.  Get out of the way before it starts traveling faster, and it will cause some damage to the floor.  If it causes enough damage, the floor will break, allowing you passage through.  Head over to the left past the dangerous floor and shoot the green screen to open the door to the right of the crusher.  On your trip back, the jump across the pit is quite difficult-- try to wait until the last possible moment to jump while running, or walk up directly to the edge and press right and up in very quick succession.  Traveling to the right, you'll find some large scanner things that will whack you on the head if you step under them even a little bit.  Shoot the green screen to drop down a metal walker.  Notice how the light on the scanners will turn red when they come down.  As long as it remains red, the scanner will not come down again.  This is your chance to get through!  The next screen is a "boss fight" of sorts.  It's you versus the machine, specifically the glowing part of the machine.  There is no major trick to getting through this easily, you'll just have to have some good dodging skills.  Take advantage of the fact that you can often easily duck-walk past the glowing pink electricity balls to get out of a sticky situation.  25 hits and you'll get to see some nice explosions, woop woop.

Scene 8

After running inside the machine you just destroyed and climbing up a bit, you'll be faced with an odd little screen.  There are three "nodes" in the air, a red ball of energy moving randomly through them, a door with a purple light under it, and a red flashing button with some sort of gun-like thing on the end of it.  Pressing the button will shoot out a beam of purple energy, which, upon hitting a node, will travel in the direction that the node is pointing.  You can change the direction of the nodes by shooting them with that weird blue energy in your hand.  Do this so that the energy ball from the gun will follow a path to the purple light under the door, causing it to open.  Watch out for that red energy though, it'll vaporize you with an effect comparable to the ones in War of the Worlds.  Only better.  Jump up to the top right of the screen to reach the next screen.  This screen will likely initially evoke a very angry response from most players.  The good news is, it's not as complicated as it looks.  Like many parts of this game, it just requires a bit of patience.  Only move through the middle portion of the screen when things seem absolutely safe, because a screwup will send you back a screen and cause you to hate me.  The next screen features another one of those dangerous floors.  You've already dealt with two of these, so it shouldn't be any problem for you.  Progress to the left and you'll be blown upward to the next screen.  Hmm, two buttons.  The left one will begin lighting a sequence of red lights very slowly.  In the meantime, you've got robots to deal with!  Press the right button to send a crusher down, causing them to blow up.  When the lights turn green, that means it's safe to walk to the left, where you'll be blown upward to the next screen.  More nodes?  Don't worry, these are the last.  Notice that the "gun" is in a completely different place from the red button this time around.  Once you point the bottom node upwards and jump onto the ledge, a robot will begin coming upwards, electrocuting all in its path, so you'll have to be quick here.  The red energy ball here is more predictable than the others because it doesn't move randomly.  Once the elevator has been activated via the purple light below it, you can make your escape.

Scene 9

This scene seems pretty peaceful, but that will soon change!  Run over to the left and hit the switch to activate a red light and a big beam of electricity that shoots at consistent intervals.  You can easily duck under this as you make your way two screens to the right.  Pressing the button on the right side will cause the light to also turn green randomly in addition to red.  When this happens, the floor will soon become electrified.  Pay close attention to the sound so that you can time your running jumps correctly as you progress back to the left.  Pressing the left button will add yet another danger: blue lights and electricity coming down from the ceiling.  These are not difficult to avoid.  When you see the blue light, immediately head for a safe spot.  Hit the switch at the right and you're done.  Grab the Infernosphere and get the hell out!

Scene 10

Now you’ve done it, you’ve gone and angered the demons!  Walk most of the way across the first screen, and when you hear a growl, run back a bit.  From here, shoot the demons by shooting from standing and crouching positions.  On the next screen, stay directly at the middle of the screen as you pick off more demons.  Good reflexes are all you need to get through here.  Climb up to the top right of the next screen and continue, and you will find yourself trapped with demons coming down to rain death from above!  These demons will always appear directly over your head, so all you have to do for each demon is run a few steps to the left or right, turn around, and shoot them when they reach your level.  After about 15 more demon deaths, the gates will once again open.  The next screen features a pulley system that controls the gate below.  Jump onto the ledge at the right, then jump left to grab the rope and open the gate.  Go left, head back down to the stump, and now head to the bottom right of the screen.  Notice how Vince becomes transparent when he moves behind the tree?  If you move right one screen from here, the demons will see you and immediately run after you.  Very quickly head back and hide behind the tree while they pass.  When they’re gone, run to the right, and don’t worry about the new demons who start chasing you.  Jump into the train’s caboose and your problems will be over.  Or not.

Scene 11

Run to the right a bit, and when you hear a train whistle, that’s your cue to duck!  Gates will pass the train by at regular intervals, and thus you should duck at regular intervals.  This first fire pit is easy to pass, as are the rest.  The second screen of fire pits can be handled easily with a series of walk-jumps.  The third screen will require a couple of running jumps.  When Kathryn starts throwing bombs at you, your only choice is to destroy the wall at the right with your hellfire.  Kathryn will always throw bombs directly at you, and if they explode while Vince is within a certain radius, that will be the end of him.  The best strategy here is to move a few big steps right or left whenever Kathryn throws a bomb, and shoot a couple of hellfire projectiles to the right.  15 hits and the wall will cease to exist.  Upon entering the next scene, immediately jump to the center platform, because the bombs will immediately start flying.  These bombs have an even bigger explosion radius.  Basically, if you’re on a platform where a bomb is thrown, you’re going to get blown up no matter where on the platform you are.  Your best bet is to jump to a new platform slightly before a bomb is thrown, shoot two or three projectiles to the right, and repeat.  Once again, 15 hits is all it takes.  The two demons at the train controls are no match for you at this point, so take care of them as you see fit and run to the controls.

Scene 12

You are this close to rescuing Anna.  But not that close.  The first jump is a long one, but at this point, it should be of little challenge to you.  The next screen features hellfire pouring down from above and some narrow platforms.  Walk-jumps are your safest option, but you’ll need to time them so that you begin the jumping animation sequence before the hellfire finishes its path downwards.  Otherwise, you’ll be struck in midair.  Your dexterity will be put to the test on the next screen.  Sequences of three projectiles are shot from left to right, one low, followed by one high, followed by another low.  Climb up after the third projectile completes its path and run to the left.  Do a running jump over the first projectile, duck under the next one, then immediately stand up and do a running jump over the third.  Once you’ve passed the third projectile, run nonstop to the left off the platform.  Whew, close eh?  Climb to the top right of the next screen, run one screen to the right, and run nonstop to that big pile of fuel, ignoring the Robe.  Once you’ve got your hell energy back, immediately shoot the Robe.  Two screens to the left, you’ll find a flying machine that will attempt to electrocute you from above.  Walk in front of the generator on the ground, wait for the flying machine, and when it's close to you, run to the right so that it will attempt to hit you, but instead hit the generator.  Climb back down and head left.  The previously unpassable falling hellfire has subsided a bit, and it’s now possible to jump over the pit without being struck.  Climb up onto the ledge and head left, and you’ll be faced with another Robe, who is significantly more dangerous than the last.  There are several ways to get by him, some of which are very easy, so I’ll leave it up to you to figure this one out.  From the screen to the left, you can travel downward…

Scene 13

Head right and check out the screen on the wall.  Vince presses some buttons and hey, it’s Anna!  Too bad she’s in such terrible condition that all she can do is slowly walk left and right.  Head to the left, and the door before the Robe will open automatically.  Walk a little ways into the room and the door will close again.  Climb to the top left of the room and wait for Anna to arrive at the door.  She can see through the door's window into the room, and you can use this to your advantage.  Stand over the hive-like thing and repeatedly jump into the air.  When you land, it will emit dust, causing the Robe to investigate.  At this point, Anna will walk through the door and onto the elevator.  Walk two screens to the left and wait for Anna to come near the elevator before going down the yourself.  Upon reaching the lower level, the Robe will begin chasing you to the right.  Travel up the elevator, hurry back to the left, and ride the first elevator once again.  Run left to find another fuel stockpile, which will allow you to shoot the guard when he comes after you.  Since Anna can’t jump, she can’t get past the lava on the next screen.  Fortunately, you can.  Climb onto the platform at the left side of the room, duck, and shoot the stalactite, creating a makeshift bridge.  Enter the tunnel to make your escape.

Scene 14

Wow, that thing is huge, eh?  If you've made it to this point, I don't think you need my help.  But basically, 3 hits to the eyes when they're flashing is all it takes.  Enjoy the ending, and congrats.



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