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As far as graphic adventures go, AfterShocked! isn't one of the tougher ones out there.  Nevertheless, chances are you're going to get stuck at some point.  If you get so frustrated that you're pulling your hair out and yelling at the sky, then maybe it's time to consult this web page.  Just try not to cheat too much, or you'll ruin the game for yourself.  The first two lines after a question will give you hints, and the third will give you the solution if you click and drag your mouse over it.

Getting Seabosh's Plopper Plans

Well, where are they?
Seabosh says he left them around the bad part of town.
Try the area just south of the arcade and the burger joint.
---> Ask Rotgut, he should be able to shed some light on this situation-- then give Seabosh the news.

Opening Up New Areas

The abandoned house is locked, I can't get in.
Check out the grate, there's a key inside.
It's out of your reach, but this "metal" key is so "attractive" that you're gonna need it.
---> Use the magnet found in the school classroom to reel in that key.

I see signs pointing toward Sue's Ranch and the city of Utopaville, but they're too far to reach by foot.
You'll need a ride-- like a bike, maybe.
A lot of bikers pass through the area between the beach and the forest.  You could probably stop one of them dead in their tracks.
---> Place the fishnet from the beach between the two adjacent trees, and watch as hilarity ensues.  Note that this only works once you've told Seabosh about the status of his Plopper plans.

How do I get Augustus out of the hole he made?
He's jammed in pretty tight, so you'll need a certain tool for the job.
You could always pry him out somehow.
---> The crowbar from Seabosh's tool shed should do the trick, opening up the basement area for you.

I need a password to get into that classroom.
Guessing isn't going to get you anywhere.
You could probably find out from someone close by the school.
---> The skin-impaired child on the playground will tell you once you rescue his arm.

How can I get the arm away from that bully?
Forget about physical contact, because his dad will sue.  You'll have to take the arm from afar.
FYI, Jimmy can lasso with the best of 'em.
---> Use the wire found in the back room of the general store to lasso the arm while it's in the air.

Getting the Seaweed

Where am I gonna find seaweed?
Usually, seaweed is found in or around the sea.
Maybe someone who lives near the sea could help you out.
---> Ask Maury if he knows where you can find some.

Where's the damn crab?
Crabs, like seaweed, are usually found in or around the sea.
Sometimes, they like to hide out in structures.
---> Try messing with the sand castle to get the crab out.

The crab is too fast for me.
You'll need to find a way to make yourself temporarily faster.
Maybe injesting something will give you a much-needed rush-- an abnormal high.
---> Eat from the bag of sugar found in the back room of the general store, then try to catch that crab.

I can't pull the seaweed out of the ocean floor with my bare hands.
Perhaps pulling it out isn't the best option.
This seaweed would probably come out if you used some sharp object.
---> Scissors should do the trick.

Getting the VB3 Model Power Board

Where is it?
It's among a bunch of other power boards.
Power boards that power happy/fun/amusing things.
---> Just walk into Hussein's Arcade, and Jimmy will comment that the board must be in the Virtua Biter 3 arcade machine.

That goth kid won't leave the VB3 machine so other people can play.
Maybe it's time to get physical.
If you talk to him, he'll comment that he doesn't like to be touched.
---> Touch him repeatedly, and you'll be rid of him in no time.

The other kid at the machine won't leave until someone beats him.  And I suck.
What you need is some practice and a little guidance.
A home version of Virtua Biter 3 and a strategy guide were released.
---> Practice on the machine in the abandoned house and read the strategy guide that the quiet kid in the burger joint gives you.

How can I get the strategy guide away from the kid in TJ's?
Maybe a little trade is in order.
If you talk to the kid, he says he'd like another book.  Though he doesn't actually say it, but you get the idea.
---> He might appreciate The War of the Worlds, found in the school classroom.

The VB3 machine is locked, and the arcade owner probably doesn't want me taking the power board.
If talked to, the owner will comment that he likes to keep the key in his mouth.
Notice that he likes to drink coffee, and will drink some in your presence if persuaded.  Maybe if his coffee had a little something extra in it.
---> Put some sleeping pills, found in Jimmy's medicine cabinet, into the owner's coffee.  Then, comment to him on how good the coffee looks, and watch what happens.

Getting the Live Rat

Where would one find a live rat?
Rotgut and his cronies have probably killed most, if not all of the rats in his territory.
The abandoned house is rat-free as well.
---> Maybe the closet of the school classroom.

Okay, the closet is locked, how do I get in?
You'll be able to enter the closet after doing some stuff for the zombies (sorry, I mean skin-impaired).
Talk to Dr. Fleshman and see if there's anything he needs done for him.
---> Tell him people with skin aren't so bad, and he'll give you the lowdown.

That drug dealer wants a burger, but the guy at TJ's is asleep.
Johnny is a heavy sleeper, but a good racket will wake him up.
Ron says that music will make everyone in the restaurant dance.
---> Try putting a nickel in the jukebox.

Where do I get a nickel?
There aren't any nickels available for you to pick up directly.
You'll need to get change for a larger bill.
---> Buy some shampoo from the general store using the bill from Jimmy's piggy bank to get two dimes and a nickel.

That piggy bank is tough to crack.
There are two different ways you could break the piggy bank.
Both involve hitting it with hard objects.
---> The hammer from Maury's shanty or the crowbar from Seabosh's tool shed will do the trick.

A burger is out of my price range.
You could always negotiate.
Sometimes, keeping a restaurant from falling into disarray is more important than selling food.
---> Ask for a burger, then tell Johnny you'd like to speak to the manager, then tell him you're prepared to make a scene.

Those druggies won't leave the front room.
A little force couldn't hurt in this situation.
The solution is ridiculously simple.
---> Just pick the druggies up and place them outside-- easy as pie.

I need a substitute for zombie meat.
Forget about buying another burger-- you've got no money.
If you can't find any pre-killed meat, there's always live meat that can be butchered.
---> Use the axe found in Jimmy's basement on the cow. (I'm sorry this cruel act was in the game, but don't worry, everything turns out okay in the end...)

The drug dealer says the meat is missing that certain zing.
Talk to him a bit, and you'll find that zombie meat is radioactive.
Maybe that machine in Sue's barn could help you out.
---> Drop a piece of meat in the machine, press the green button, and pull the lever to get a nice piece of radioactive meat.

The drug dealer says that the meat is a little raw.
That's right, it needs to be cooked.
The cooking mechanism in Sue's machine is broken, so you'll need to find some other place to cook the meat.
---> Try the stove inside the abandoned house.

Getting the Crackaine

Where can I get crackaine?
Usually, nasty drugs like that are found in the bad part of town.
Rotgut is an alcoholic, not a druggy, and the druggies themselves would never part with the stuff.
---> You can score some from the crackaine dealer, but only once you've found a crackaine substitute.  If you don't know what that means, skip this part for now.

The drug dealer says I need a golden leaf.  Help me.
If you observe your surroundings a bit, you'll see that there's one hanging from the wise old tree.
He can't shake it down because he's a tree and trees can't move, so maybe you can do some shaking of your own using one of your tools.
---> Hit the tree with the axe found in your basement.

Getting the Plank of Wood

So, where do I get one?
A floorboard from a house would be fine.
Preferably not your house, because Augustus has done enough damage already.
---> The upstairs closet of the abandoned house has some weak boards that are ready to give.

There's a zombie in the upstairs closet, and he won't move.
That's because he has no reason to move.
If he had someone-- ANYONE-- who loved him, he'd be happy to leave.
---> After talking to Sue, tell Jed about her.  He'll leave right away.

That wood isn't budging.
You'll need a certain tool to assist you.
Something to pry it out, maybe.
---> The crowbar from Seabosh's tool shed, duh!

Rescuing Seabosh

Oh my god, how do I wake him up?
Relax, he's fine, he just needs a little pick-me-up.
All you need is a certain household product to wake him.
---> Pour the resurrection hair shampoo down Seabosh's throat, and he'll be as good as new.

Getting Seabosh's Flying Instructions

Where and how?
This is an incredibly simple task, if you need me for it then you should stop looking at these hints so much.
You need to connect to Seabosh's website.  For this task, a computer is necessary.
---> Just use the computer in Jimmy's basement.

The Final Act

The guard at the door won't let me in.
The poor guy needs something to mellow him out.  Like he said, he hasn't slept in two weeks.
Some crackaine would work, but this guy wants a bong.
---> Luckily, the piece of pipe in the next scene over also functions as a bong.

What do I do now that the guard is sleeping?
Search that guard, he's not gonna wake up.
He's got a remote control on him... not too many things you could do with that!
Walk over to the scene where you picked up the piece of pipe, then use the remote.

The guard in the hallway is blocking the door.
He's blind, but that doesn't mean you can't hurt him.  This game isn't politically correct.
There are some explosives located in the closet of Hatler's bedroom that can be activated by pressing a button on them.
---> Place the explosives in the groove near the guard, then call him over.  Ouch...

How can I access Hatler's computer?
Talk to the computer guy in one of the rooms, and you'll find out that he has the card key you need to access it.
Maybe some good will come if you help him out a little-- give him something a computer guy would want.
---> Keep him distracted by giving him the Baby Ruth bar from Igor's room, then grab the card key from his back pocket.

What code am I supposed to enter on this computer?
For some guidance, check out the map in Hatler's control room.
Obviously, Hatler plans to hit the area of the United States that's highlighted on the map.
---> It's better to sacrifice yourself, right?  Select the spot at which Hatler's castle is located: D-10.  Now, guess what happens when you tell Hatler to go ahead and start the missile launch?

Sara is tied up and we're gonna die!  What now?
You know, this is the last puzzle in the game.
If you were able to make it this far, I think you can figure out what to do, because this is no brain buster.
---> But, if you're really into cheating, here ya go: use the scissors.  Happy?  Enjoy the ending!