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7/26/02 - The completed version of AfterShocked! is now available to everyone!  Check it out here!

12/7/01- The first beta version of AfterShocked! has been released!  It's available here. Most of the sections here have been updated as well.  Looking back on the old updates, I think it's amazing how far this game has come.  Stay tuned, it's only matter of time before the final version is released...

4/15/01- Stuff is updated.  There are some new screens, a rewritten storyline is in the Game Info section, and the Progress section has more detailed information.

12/29/00- For the past couple of months, I've been working on making AfterShocked semi-playable.  As of now, you can move the character around in almost every area of the game, and attempt to "look at", "use/pick up", and "talk to/eat/smell" just about everything you can see on the screen.  There are no actual puzzles in place yet, and that's what I'll be working on next.  For a look at the game in action, check out the Pictures section for the first official in-game screenshot.

10/13/00- As predicted, I finished all of AfterShocked's backgrounds about a week ago, and have begun character animation and programming.  You can see a picture of the main character on the Pictures page.  It's official, this game will save the adventure genre! :)

9/14/00- I will be using AGAST to put AfterShocked together rather than SCRAMM.  It's versatile, not too incredibly hard to learn, and unlike SCRAMM, it's out now.  Its only major limitation is its lack of any sort of sound support, but this feature will be added in future releases.  Just finished jotting down my "game plan" today, which means that all of the puzzles and major events that occur in the game are set.  There are only about 13 more scenes that need to be drawn (44 total, by the way).  Thanks to my realization that "doing actual work on a game gets it done faster", these shouldn't take me too long to whip up. 

8/3/00- Six and a half months since the last update!  Admittedly, I was slacking off for awhile.  However, my goal at the moment is to draw one scene every day for the rest of the summer (excluding next week, when I'll be on a trip).  Using a computer pen and tablet to draw backgrounds has proven to be tougher than I expected, although it should be handy for animation.  In the future, I'll use a scanner.  SCRAMM still hasn't been released.  I really shouldn't have put this site up so early, since the game probably won't be done until the second quarter of next year, possibly later.  If you're interested in the project, check back every few months and I might have some updates for ya.  Today, I've added a Progress page, as well as a new midi file

1/22/00- I realize that I haven't updated this page in awhile, but rest assured, I'm still working away on AfterShocked!  A SCRAMM beta release is set for this February, though that's subject to change.  Progress is kind of slow, but maybe a SCRAMM release will motivate me to move faster.  In the meantime, check out the new screenshots I've added.  Also, some of the info on the "Music" and "About" pages has been changed.

10/9/99- In case you haven't noticed, AfterShocked! now has a logo.  I'll probably improve it later on, though.  Also, I've added the first three background pictures ever!  Check 'em out...

9/10/99- The first AfterShocked! picture is here!  Well, actually, it's just a sketch of what the main character might look like.  On the other hand, it's the first picture!  I'll be able to start doing art for the game now that I've bought a computer pen.  Since Wacom stopped producing the PenPartner, I bought a CalComp Creation Station.  At $130, it wasn't cheap, but that's why I'm selling my Nintendo 64.  Besides, it's completely worth it.  There are some things you can do with a computer pen and nice software that you just can't with a pencil and paper.  In fact, I may be able to do AfterShocked!'s art faster than I thought I'd be able to, thanks much to the excellent Art Dabbler and Painter Classic software.

8/15/99- I've written a new intro midi file because I didn't like the last one much.  It's available in the music section (obviously).  The Wacom PenPartner I ordered to do the game art should arrive around late August or early September.  The company which took took my order screwed up the first time around, and now all of the online retailers are sold out until they get their new shipments on the 21st.  Rats.  I've been keeping myself busy over the past week writing AfterShocked!'s dialogue. 

6/30/99- Major update!  The title of my new game will be "AfterShocked!".  Plus, I have brand new info in the About section concerning the development of the game and its strange plot!  Go there, now!

5/11/99- This game may not be easy to pull off, but I've found a device that could help a lot in its creation: the Wacom PenPartner!  The package, which will cost me around $70 to $80, includes a 4x5 inch (active area) tablet and pen, complete with nifty virtual eraser.  It's a lot less expensive than some of the company's other computer pens.  It looks like it'll be a whole lot easier than using a scanner to scan in art.  However, the only things I'm willing to work on until SCRAMM is released and I know what types of files and stuff it will support are the music and the game design on paper. 

It may be a little (actually, way) too early to be talking about this sort of thing, but I've figured out what the cost and stuff will be.  The game itself will be freeware, but any schmoe (like yourself :) will be able to register for about $5.00, and receive the game walkthrough and other goodies by e-mail.  Yeeaaah. 

4/27/99- Hooray, we have the first living evidence of my brand new SCRAMM adventure game: A midi file that I created!  This will probably be the game's intro music, and it's kind of a cool tune.