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8/28/06 - Between Heaven and Hell has been submitted to upload.ccom, who will be hosting the game.  It takes a couple of weeks for them to process submissions, so expect it to be available around September 12.  The saga is coming to a close!  In the meantime, I'll be making some changes to this site, and Between Heaven and Hell will be getting a brand new site...

In other news, I bought the domain name, so if you for some reason wanted an excuse to type my name, go for it.

8/20/06 - AfterShocked! version 1.20 has been released-- the first new version of the game in four years!  If you were having problems with the game crashing when you tried to run it, get this version.  Since 1.20 is running on a different version of the AGAST engine than the previous versions, I had to make some significant changes to the code.  There are a few small but noticeable differences here and there, and a few of the game's rough edges have also been cleaned up, but if the previous version is working fine on your PC, there's no real need to upgrade.  Also of note, the new version requires a faster system to run well.

Between Heaven and Hell will be out soon.

7/31/06 - It has recently come to my attention that a growing number of people are getting a crash bug when they attempt to run AfterShocked!, myself included.  I am currently in the process of updating the game to the current version of the AGAST engine, which will fix the problem.

Between Heaven and Hell is basically done.  Seriously.  There may be a couple tiny things that I'll fix, but nothing even close to major.  Before I release the game, there are a few things I'd like to do.  First off, I'm working on a big "postmortem" article, which will be posted at the same time the game is released.  Second, I want to finish the updated version of AfterShocked!.  Third, I need to figure out a release strategy...

5/25/06 - Okay, so I lied a bit in my last post.  The game isn't quite done yet, but it's seriously close to being done.  I did a "near-final" beta test last month, which went very smoothly.  But, I haven't gotten the chance to finish up the remaining tiny bits due to school projects, graduation (I now have a computer science degree!), looking for a job, and finding a new place to live.  Even now that most of that stuff is settled, it will still be a bit of time before the game finally gets released-- I'm working in the QA department for a certain very popular game developer, and I want to use my free time to familiarize myself with their games to a greater degree.  Keep checking back, though...

So what was the point of posting if I have no game for you?  Well... actually, I do have a game for you.  Over this past semester, I've been co-developing a game called Arcanosphere for one of my classes, and it turned out pretty well.  I'll have a page up for it sometime in the not too distant future, but in the meantime, you can get it here.  It's depicted in the top screenshot.  The gameplay in a nutshell: Imagine walking forward and bouncing a ping pong ball, trying not to let it fall or hit obstacles.  It's fun, go try it.

1/20/06 - Nope, the game's still not done yet.  And I'm going to shut up until it is.  The next time I post here, Between Heaven and Hell will be complete.  So when will that be?  I don't know.  As my history has shown, I'm terrible at predicting this sort of thing, so I won't try to give an exact date.  But, keep checking back in the coming months, because it shouldn't be too long now...

11/5/05 - So, a few weeks ago, Fox News came to USC to do a report on their game design programs.  Since I'd gotten to my game design class early, they interviewed me.  Though none of that interview actually made it to TV, my image was on TV kinda briefly, and I was quoted for the print version of the article.  Check it out here, there's a link to the video as well.  I'm the guy in the white shirt in the second and fourth screen cap.

As for Between Heaven and Hell, I haven't had much time at all to work on it lately, but the students in my "games quality assurance" class did some good beta testing for me.  I'm afraid 2005 is an impossibility at this point, as there still remains a lot to be done.  It's kind of annoying because if I had a good solid two and a half weeks to work on this game with few to no other obligations, I could probably get it finished.  Sadly, I don't, so... no game for you this year!

9/18/05 - Between Heaven and Hell in 2005.  Can it be done?  Look for a more detailed account on the BHAH news page...

6/3/05 - Hey America's youth, I have a MySpace account.  Now you can friend me along with all your other emo buddies!  Small update on the BHAH news page, too.  Also, I've posted some AfterShocked! wallpapers in that game's downloads section, sent to me by my young fan Ori.

3/6/05 - It turns out that I am not only a world class game developer, but I am also a fine actor...  Check out the movie my friends and I did for USC's Ed Wood Film Festival here.  But only if you like crude humor.

Progress on the game has been painfully slow this semester due to my other obligations.  Which really pisses me off.  I want to play this thing in its final state more than anyone, dammit!  But that won't happen for awhile, sorry kids!

12/29/04 - Happy early New Year's! I resolve to get the game done this year!

11/13/04 - Check the news and screens pages for a little bit of new stuff on Between Heaven and Hell.

8/21/04 - I'm very pleased to announce my brand new, in-development game, Between Heaven & Hell!  Check out some info and screens at the game's official website.  By the way, the movie review section is currently on hiatus... probably.

5/20/04 - Big news: I'm currently developing a new game!  I'm not going to give away too much just yet, but I'll let out a few tidbits.  It will be an action-adventure-puzzler comparable to Out of This World, Heart of Darkness, Prince of Persia, Flashback, Oddworld, and Blackthorne.  It will use an improved version of the AGAST engine that powered AfterShocked!, though to completely different effect.  Also, the game's development time will not be as lengthy as AfterShocked!'s.  Stay tuned for more...

3/21/04 - I love movies in general, and I see a lot of them.  My cousin tells me that this page does not get updated often enough.  So, I am proud to announce my new movie review section!  I will be updating the section frequently without notification on the front page, so check often if you actually care about my opinions!

3/3/04 - I posted a file in the Downloads section-- a save state from just past where the infamous "coming back from the city crash bug" occurs.  Get it if you've experienced this bug!  Also, Game Jolt reviewed AfterShocked!, giving it an 8/10, and put up a mirror.

12/2/03 - Good news, AfterShocked! will be appearing in issue #144 of the U.K. magazine "PC Home".  On sale December 18th!  This article recently listed the author's top 10 freeware adventure games, and AfterShocked! came in at #6.  GameHippo recently reviewed the game, giving it a healthy 8/10.  In addition, this site has apparently done a big review of AfterShocked!, but I can't read the damn thing!

In other news, I still don't have anything new in development.  Sorry, but college has to come first!  For those of you complaining about the lack of updates to this website (you know who you are), sit tight, I'll see what I can do...

7/27/03 - AfterShocked! celebrated its first birthday yesterday!  In "celebration", I've posted a new feature entitled AfterShocked!: AfterMath!.  Go read it!

6/25/03 - After a few weeks of down time, MadGames has returned at its old location.  So what have I been up to lately?  I finished my first year of college, which I thought was pretty successful despite my failing a calculus course.  Right now, I'm a camp counselor at Emagination Computer Camp in Newton, Massachusetts.  Hey, I get to teach a game design course!  On the creative front, I'm currently writing a screenplay-- a subversive dumb comedy about college.

1/14/03 - This is probably going to be the last update for awhile.  I've decided to go into temporary retirement from game making.  Creating a good game takes a ton of time, which is something I had a lot of in high school.  With AfterShocked!, I accomplished exactly what I wanted to do as an amateur designer, and it would be pretty difficult for me to top that.  Now, I'd rather be concentrating on... well, other stuff.  But, this isn't the end.  As a computer science major, I hope to one day have the opportunity to work professionally in the games industry.  And who knows, maybe one day I'll decide to start work on a new game of my own.  But for now, just replay AfterShocked! a few times.

10/28/02 - MadGames has returned at a new home-- Adventure Developer!  Version 1.05 of AfterShocked! has also been released.  It includes some small bug fixes and MAY fix the heinous bug that occasionally corrupts saved games.

10/5/02 - It has come to my attention that the current AfterShocked! includes a rather terrible bug which can kick you out of the game and corrupt your saved games.  From what I can tell, the best solution if this occurs is to do the following: delete your file and any .state files in the directory where you keep the game. When you begin a new game, only use one save slot instead of multiple slots. This should prevent the error from occurring.  A big 'sorry' goes out to anyone who had to experience this bug.

10/2/02 - I just got word that AfterShocked! was featured on Computer Gaming World's monthly disc for November!  They never told me about it, but that's okay!  One of my main hopes for this game was that it would be played by a monstrously huge number of people.  Prior to its release, I expected maybe a couple thousand people would ever play the game, and that's if I was lucky.  Now it's featured on Computer Gaming World's disc?!!  A magazine that likely has hundreds of thousands of readers?  Insane.  I'm swelling with pride.  Just look at the write-up they gave me:

If you can put up with the Magic Marker artwork and some off-color humor, Aftershocked is perhaps the finest spiritual successor to the old LucasArts adventure games that has ever been released. The post-apolyptic setting is just as absurd as the game's many puzzles, but the interface is so slick and the story flows so well that it's tough to stop playing once things get rolling.

CGW has done me a great favor, so go subscribe or something.  Or at least buy a copy of November's issue!

9/26/02 - Greetings from USC!  I finally got around to installing FrontPage, so here's a little update.  I haven't started working on any new projects yet, and honestly, I'm not sure when I will.  Go play AfterShocked! again.  Speaking of which, the game has received over 7,000 downloads so far!  That's way above what I could have ever predicted.  The response from adventure game fans has been very positive.  The response from non adventure game fans has been... well, bad.  However, most of the negative comments have come from people who can't seem to string two coherent sentences together, so I don't let it bug me.  As for this site, I've got no clue why it hasn't been removed by its host yet, considering that I canceled my account over a month and a half ago.  But, if they want me to keep wasting their bandwidth without paying, it's fine by me!  I've also got a new guestbook up, since the last one is now gone for some reason.  So, if you've got comments on the game or whever, put 'em there.

8/16/02 - This site should be shut down any day now.  Funny that it hasn't been already, since I canceled my account five days ago.  Anyways, I probably won't be able to respond to e-mail for about a week because I'm moving into the University of Southern California from my current home, Massachusetts.  Thanks for all the nice e-mails.  Also, a message to marina, who has posted at least a few negative messages about the game on its page at and in my guestbook: get over it.  Find something better to do with your time, like maybe creating your own game.  Then come back and see me.

8/11/02 - Sadly, I'm going to have to close this site very soon.  The reason?  Too many people are downloading AfterShocked!  Yep, the game was added to and, resulting in over 800 people downloading the game in its first TWO DAYS on those sites, despite its size of 48 MB.  Sadly, this puts me well over my bandwidth limit, and if I don't cancel my account right now, I'll end up paying a small fortune.  The game will still be available at, and as for this site... I'll just have to set up shop somewhere else.  It was fun while it lasted!

8/10/02 - AfterShocked! is a hit!  In its first two weeks of release, more than 500 people have downloaded the game!  Not too shabby!  I'd especially like to thank those of you with dial-up connections-- I realize 46 MB can be an all-night download.  I've received a disappointing amount of feedback, though.  All it takes is an e-mail or guestbook signature, and I'd really appreciate hearing your likes and dislikes about the game.  Consider it a kind of payment, since the game was free. ;-)

7/30/02 - The guestbook is now up, so sign it!

7/28/02 - AfterShocked! is now available in .zip format.

7/26/02 - After years in off-and-on development, my old-school, post-nuclear comedy adventure AfterShocked! is finally available.  Let me assure you that it's well worth the hefty 46 MB download. God himself endorsed this game.  Seriously though, if you're a fan of adventure games in general, especially classic Lucasarts adventures like Sam & Max, Day of the Tentacle and the Monkey Island series, you're probably going to enjoy this game.  If you're not an adventure game fan or you've never played an adventure game before, try AfterShocked! anyway, because you may be pleasantly surprised.  If you're still not sure, check out all the stuff in the AfterShocked! section.  If you've got any comments on the game, please tell me, because I'm all ears.  Or better yet, tell your friends, because I'm not so great at promoting stuff.

In other news, this site has moved to its new home at the first time it's ever had its own domain name!

7/10/02 - The site is back up at its new location, and AfterShocked! will be released very soon!  Check back here next week!

2/27/02- Alright, here's the deal on why the full version isn't out yet.  The game has been basically "on the shelf" since the last update, meaning it's essentially complete.  But, I've got to wait for the next release of AGAST, the engine with which I put the game together, before I can distribute an official release.  The reasons for this: the current version of AGAST lacks a built-in save/load feature, and there are a couple of bugs that prevent me from keeping the in-game music files to a reasonable size.  At the moment, I'd only be able to use huge .wav files.  The developers have mentioned that their save/load system is complete.  I don't think they've fixed the music bugs, though.  This game WILL get an official release.  When, I don't know. :(

12/7/01- Finally, an update!  The server that this page is hosted on has been down a lot recently, so I might move the page sometime soon.  The first beta version of AfterShocked! has been available for about a week, so you can get a sneak peek at the game if you're interested.

5/31/01- I realize that this site hasn't been updated in awhile.  There are a couple of reasons for this: first of all, there's not exactly tons of reason to visit this site.  It's back to ultra low-hitsville for me... 'gotta figure out a way to get out of that situation sometime or other.  Second, I'm working on AfterShocked!  I'd rather not reveal too much about it at the moment, just check the Progress section to see how it's coming.  And yes, it is coming, but stuff takes time.  The site won't receive any major updates until around the time the game gets done.

4/15/01- It's been a couple of months, but this site is finally back up-- and with a brand new design to boot!  It's too bad that barely anyone even knows of this site's existence at the moment...  See, my original site was deleted by its host, Tripod, because I allowed people to download video game roms for free.  They're all gone now, and for a better explanation of this, read my first feature, it's kind of entertaining.  There's a whole bumch of new information on my in-development adventure game, AfterShocked!, so you might want to check that out.  Everything else should be up except for Todd's Adventure, which I'll have uploaded soon (like it really matters, Todd wasn't exactly my greatest achievement).

1/19/01- Ouch, it looks like all the roms are down again.  This is getting to be a major pain, as it looks like both of the new accounts that I set up have been deleted by XOOM/NBCi.  If anyone could suggest a host site that offers at least 100 megs of free space and probably wouldn't delete my stuff, please tell me.  Until I find a new place to store my roms, ALL ROMS WILL BE DOWN.  Sorry about this, but there's nothing I like less that re-uploading all of my games and changing the links on their pages only to have them deleted again two weeks later-- I just don't have time for that.  I like to think that this site is usually a very reliable source of roms, so you can imagine how annoying this is for me. 

I was going to upload Skitchin' on Genesis and the SNES version of Lemmings, so you can still see the descriptions and screenshots I posted on the Roms page. 

1/12/01- Once again, it's midyear exam time!  What kind of dumbass thought these things up?  It doesn't matter, he's probably dead.  Midyear exams couldn't save him from the Grim Reaper, ha!  If you've got midyear exams too, why not take a break from all that studying and try out Batman and MicroMachines?  They're new!... on this site.  Whenever you beat on some thug or knock a rival car into a chasm, just pretend it's the guy who invented midyear exams. 

1/6/01- 'Kay, all Site 1 roms are up, as well as two new roms: the Genesis version of Shadow Dancer which is a LOT different than the arcade version that I uploaded a couple weeks ago, and Frogger.  You've heard of Frogger, right?  I'll have the Site 2 roms up sometime soon, but it shouldn't matter to you because everything is currently available (unless I screwed up somewhere). 

12/8/00- Today's new Genesis roms include an excellent Final Fight clone by the name of Streets of Rage 2, and the unintentionally funny Earnest Evans.  Two for the price of one... er, none, actually.  Enjoy the free games! 

In other news, the site is approaching 50,000 hits.  That's pretty cool, I guess. 

12/1/00- Happy December!  Final Fantasy IX has been great so far, so I figured I'd put up another Squaresoft game, Secret of Mana 2.  It was never released outside of Japan, but the version on this site is fully translated.  Times are tough for Disney these days.  102 Dalmations is a box office disappointment, and advertisements for The Emperor's New Groove have been grossly incoherent and stupid.  But Disney used to be great, right?  After all, they released The Lion King on SNES and Genesis.  I've added the SNES version so that Michael Eisner won't break down crying. 

11/17/00- In honor of Final Fantasy IX's release, the first of this week's new roms is Final Fantasy II (IV in Japan).  If you've got the time, it comes highly recommended.  The second new rom is the arcade version of Bubble Bobble.  Blowing bubbles is fun, but it's even more fun when those bubbles are deadly!  Anyways, I just went to the store and bought FF IX myself, so now I'm off to play it.  FF VII is my favorite game ever, but FF VIII was a big disappointment for me.  Judging from reviews, it sounds like FF IX should be better.  Good. 

11/10/00- It's Friday, kids, and you know what that means!  A couple of new roms!  This week, it's the newly emulated AfterBurner II (just make sure to pick up the latest version of MAME), and Square favorite Secret of Mana

Some of you regulars might have noticed that the 'Site 1' roms have been down for a few months.  I was planning to re-upload them once XOOM, the place where I store roms, inevitably deleted the 'Site 2' roms, so that I could update all the links on my roms' pages at once and save time.  Strangely enough, XOOM hasn't deleted my 'Site 2' roms.  It seems that they have merged with, your average useless, confusing, humongous, do-everything site that once had 950 people (!) working on it.  I'm guessing that somewhere along the line, the XOOM guys who checked up on sites that weren't following regulations were discarded, or given new jobs, or whatever it is big-huge corporations do with their employees. 

And for the love of god, please don't get suckered into downloading NBCi's Bonzi Buddy.  My sister brought this beast onto the family computer, and it is by far the cheesiest virtual pet of any sort that I've ever seen.  It's free, but buying all of the add-on components (storybooks, joke packs, song packs) will cost you upwards of $100.  Too bad it doesn't read, sing, tell jokes, or do anything else even remotely well.  The whole thing is just a huge, empty advertisement.  Indescribably bad.  I hope whoever thought this thing up gets stoned to death. 

11/3/00- Disappointed that you couldn't get a Playstation2?  Are you sad about missing out on such instant classics as Tekken 12, Ridge Racer Rehash, and Unreal "You Can't Play Online" Tournament?  If Sony weren't Sony, this system would bomb for sure-- they've made an unbelievable number of mistakes so far.  If you've got one, sell it on eBay and make a bundle.  If you bought one on eBay for $600... why? 

Anyways, today's new games might be a bit difficult for those of you who bought $600 Playstation2s, because they require you to think.  The first is E.V.O., an action RPG about evolution.  Edutainment!  The second is Harvest Moon, the world's only farming RPG.  I got to live out my dreams of becoming a farmer. 

10/27/00- Shortest update ever!  Zelda II and ExciteBike!  Yesss! 

10/13/00- The Adventure Game section now has an official picture of the main character in AfterShocked.  I think he looks strikingly normal!  Since it's Friday the 13th, today's new roms are especially creepy.  The first is a translation of a Japanese survival horror NES game that may have inspired Resident Evil: Sweet Home.  It's a must-play.  The second is the original Castlevania.  Playing this game brought back memories of my real life experiences with Dracula. 

10/6/00- Sorry 'bout the lack of an update last week, but I was working on backgrounds for AfterShocked, my adventure game.  I'm almost completely finished with them, too.  Graphics take a long time.  But why should you be interested in that when I have couple of new roms for you?  The Genesis versions of Golden Axe and Golden Axe II are now available from the roms section.  Beat up elves! 

9/22/00- The first of this week's two new roms is the NES port of a beloved PC adventure game: Maniac Mansion.  It's got this really crazy family and their pet tentacles and a meteor who wants to enslave humanity.  The second game is almost as scary: Ghosts 'n Goblins, an arcade game that I truly disliked when I was younger.  There are no new reviews today, because as I said last week, I'm about out of video games to review.  Most visitors to this site wouldn't find a PC review section helpful, because I know you're all just after roms!  I need to do some thinking... 

9/15/00- Hey, this year you can celebrate Halloween early with my two new Roms of the Week.  They're SplatterHouse and SplatterHouse 2, two games that I once believed were crappy.  There are also 5 new Saturn reviews, including Enemy Zero, Guardian Heroes, Sega Ages, Bug! and Bug! Too, which has the stupidest title I've ever heard of (what is the "Too" supposed to mean?)  ... And I'm basically out of games to review.  What am I supposed to do now?  This is a really terrible predicament.  For the three of you interested, my adventure game section also has some new info.  And here's a fun fact: my roms page gets more hits than my main page!  One of these days, I'll work on figuring out a way to get major hits... 

9/8/00- Hey, there are actually some new games this week!  Thanks to everyone who's been sending suggestions.  The first is Out of This World, which I had been reluctant to put up before because the SNES version just isn't quite as good as the original PC game.  It's still really cool, though, take my word for it.  Sparkster is a truly well-done platformer with a wacky mascot.  And what do you know, there are also 5 new Saturn reviews!  Clockwork Knight 1 and 2, Virtua Fighter, NiGHTS, and the brutally short but gloriously sweet Die Hard Arcade.  I'd also like to wish all you kids a happy back-to-school!  After doing some math, I realized that I've spent a good 2000 or so days at school total, which is about 14,000 hours.  Wow. 

9/2/00- Okay, I've added five new N64 reviews: Mortal Kombat 4, Wave Race 64, San Francisco Rush, WCW/NWO Revenge (in which I mention how constipated the wrestlers look), and Perfect Dark's multiplayer mode.  There's also an explanation of my ratings system on the reviews page (finally).  I would have added some new roms, but try as I might, I just couldn't think of any really cool games to add this week.  Any suggestions?  Just two more roms, and I'll have a whopping 100! 

8/26/00- I've quit speaking like a gangsta, but today's two new Roms of the Week have plenty of gangstas in them.  The roms include one of the most copied games in history, the arcade version of Final Fight, and an NES favorite, River City Ransom.  My five new N64 reviews include Doom 64, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Castlevania, Robotron 64, and Goldeneye's multiplayer mode, which I didn't like too much. 

8/18/00- MadGames gots some mo' roms an' reviews for y'all homies out there.  Chrono Trigger is a phat game where you an' your posse travel thru time.  True, true.  Bust-A-Move lets you bust a move, but don't get too cocky or Bub and Bob will bust a cap in yo' @$$.  In  N64 reviews, there's Mario Bruthas 64, Killer Instinct: Tales from the Hood, Mario Drive-By Kart, and a coupla other games.  Sorry 'bout the ghetto speak, but on the family vacation, we f***ed up an' ended up on the west siiiiide, an' now I'm a real homeboy! 

8/3/00- First off, I'll be on vacation for all of next week, so don't try to e-mail me.  Next... site update!  I updated the my AfterShocked! page (the Adventure Game section) for the first time in six months.  Two new NES roms are up: Bionic Commando and NightShade.  In the latter, you get to beat up fat butler-looking guys.  My three new NES reviews include Blades of Steel, Lode Runner, and some other game, but I forgot what it was :P  That's all the NES reviews I'll be doing for now.  When I get back, I'll review the few N64 games I've played, followed by the few Saturn games I've played.  Oh yes, and the Site 1 roms are still down. 

7/27/00- Hello, I've returned from computer camp!  I sure learned a lot of stuff, so I might as well share it with you: Everyone loves Linux despite the fact that none of their favorite games will work on it, little kids are dangerous, Diablo II is a dull, repetitive game, my first roommate was absolutely psychotic, being a CIT is all it's cracked up to be (not much), it helps to bring a computer to computer camp, pizza never gets old, crazy bums on the street say funny stuff, and movie theater guys will actually check for I.D. during previews.  I was even able to take a blurry picture of myself using a high-tech $50 webcam! 

Some new stuff is up, finally.  There are a couple of new roms: the isometric action-adventure LandStalker, and the compilation known as Mega Man: The Wily Wars.  I've added five new NES reviews as well.  This time, I take on the Zelda and Contra series. 

7/5/00- I just wanted to post about a couple of things from one of the camp computers. First of all, in case you haven't noticed, the Site 1 roms are down again. Nothing I can do about it, unfortunately. As of this post, the Site 2 roms are still up, however. The Neo-Geo roms can be found at Arcade@Home. Next: Some of you may have noticed that I removed the disclaimer from the bottom of my roms page. The reason: Some guy named "Godly Gamer" threatened to tell Tripod about my site if I didn't remove it. I'm still not completely sure why he wanted me to do this, but judging from his e-mail, he hadn't seen too many rom sites before... 

6/23/00- Heya.  It's been a couple of weeks since this site got a real update.  I've re-uploaded all of the Site 1 roms since XOOM was kind enough to delete them.  Metal Slug 1 and 2 are back up as well.  Because of all this uploading action, I've only had time to prepare one new Rom of the Week: Super Mario RPG.  Great stuff, go download it.  My five new NES reviews include Faxanadu, Final Fantasy, StarTropics 1 and 2, and Willow.  Did you know that the vertically challenged actor who played Willow recently starred in the direct-to-video film "Leprechaun 5: In the Hood" with rappers Ice-T and Coolio? 

Also, it's probably worth noting that I'll be off at camp for the next four weeks, so that means no updates!  Since it's a computer camp, I will be able to answer your e-mails.  I'd appreciate some suggestions for upcoming inductees to the Classic Roms section.  If XOOM deletes one or both of my rom accounts while I'm gone... crap.  When I get back, I want to get working on AfterShocked, which I haven't worked on much lately. 

6/12/00- Big news, I finally got a working dump of the American version of Kirby Super Star on SNES!  Thanks to Cherryroms and Adam.  It's ready for download in the roms section. 

6/9/00- Well, it's that time of the year again: final exam season.  With this week's new roms, you'll probably have more fun this weekend than I will studying 100 vocabulary words, 7 chapters of history, 8 chapters of Spanish, far too much biology, and some other crap.  A real dream come true.  My town is known for letting school out later than any other place in the country, so consider yourself lucky... that is, unless you're out of school, in which case you get no summer vacations.  Anyways, the new roms are Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master and Axelay.  More fun than studying for sure.  My 5 new NES reviews include Tetris 2, ExciteBike, Rad Racer, Crystalis, and Dragon Warrior.  The Tetris 2 review includes some info concerning how dangerous I am. 

I have some bad news and some good news: We'll probably never see an emulated Metal Slug 3.  From what I've heard, new Neo-Geo games have some sort of protection that renders dumped roms unplayable.  There's always the chance that some wiz will find a way around this protection, but it's pretty unlikely.  As for the good news, DOOM III!  In case you haven't heard by now (it's been about a week), id Software's engine guru John Carmack made it official: the company's next project will be a new version of Doom.  Sweet... 

6/4/00- First off, a message to Brent, who e-mailed me the other day: I haven't been able to reply to your e-mail because of "permanent fatal errors" with your AOL address.  Thanks for your comments on this site.  As for reviews, I'm sorry, but I don't really take submissions.  I just sorta like everything on the site to be kinda personal and stuff.  But thanks for asking. 

No new roms this week, but I did find time to upload all of the Site 2 roms.  You shouldn't have any problems downloading anything, 'cept for the Neo-Geo stuff.  New NES reviews of Arkanoid, Dr. Mario, Marble Madness, Pac-Man, and Tetris are up.  I deal with the school violence issue in the Arkanoid review.  I've also written descriptions of all of the systems I have reviews for. 

In other news, I finished the long-awaited PC game Daikatana yesterday.  There are a lot of design flaws (check out GameSpot's harsh review for the lowdown), but overall, it's a fun experience.  You'll get your $30 worth, especially if you enjoyed the mindless action of John Romero's other games. 

5/26/00- Yeah, remember all those roms that were down about an hour ago?  They're back up on Site 1

5/19/00- Just to be nice, I figured I'd upload a couple of new roms for you guys... like I do every week!  Man, am I nice or what?!  Anyways, the first game is Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, which needs no introduction.  The second is the SNES cult classic Ogre Battle.  Ogres are jerks, plain and simple.  New reviews?  I've got those too!  5 of 'em, which equals a whopping 100 NES reviews-- 359 total!  The new inductees include the entire TMNT series.  If you don't know what that stands for, you probably weren't alive prior to 1994.  I also updated the links section just a bit. 

In other news, Daikatana will be released next Tuesday, and to show my appreciation, I reported a few w4rez sites carrying the game.  Warezists will never change their ways, but that doesn't mean you can't pester them. 

5/12/00- Yesss, we have a couple of new roms!  The first is the Zelda-style SNES action-RPG Illusion of Gaia.  The second is Comix Zone, a really really unique Genesis beat-'em-up... with tons of word bubbles!  My 5 new NES reviews include the first two Ninja Gaiden titles.  Each review includes a reference to a recent popular 3D shooter.  Check 'em out... 

5/6/00- It can be tough to find roms worthy of the Classic Roms section, but this week's two new entries are okay in my book.  The first is the Japanese version of Kirby Super Star, which I think is the best game in the series.  The second is a collection of five old and very respected arcade games, Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits.  I would've done some reviews, but I didn't feel up to the task today. 

5/5/00- The Neo-Geo roms did not stay up!  Thanks again, XOOM.  Update tomorrow... 

5/1/00- The Neo-Geo roms are back up.  Let's hope they stay that way! 

4/28/00- Wow, it's been awhile.  16 days since I last updated.  It's been a busy week, and I STILL haven't gotten the Site 1 roms back up (not that you should really care much).  However, there are two new roms of the week up.  The first is StarFox, a.k.a. SNES's first polygon game.  The second is... well... a little embarrassing.  It's Tiny Toon Adventures.  It's fun, go try it.  I also have 5 new NES reviews up, including the entire Double Dragon series.  That would make six Dragons, right? 

Not that it's related in any way to console gaming or emulation, but I just thought I'd mention the new Daikatana demo that was released a week ago.  A game 3.5 years in development and hyped an incredible lot deserves mention.  Internet reviews of the demo have been mostly negative, but from what I've read, many of the problems that reviewers had will almost definitely not be present in the full version.  I personally thought that Ion Storm did an excellent job.  If you want to download the 102 meg demo, try GameSpot

4/12/00- Sorry, no update this week or next.  I haven't been able to get the rest of the Site 1 stuff up either. :(  The good news is, I'm goin' to Disney World.  No, wait, that's just good news for me :) 

4/8/00- Heya.  I'm working to get all of those Site 1 links working again, this time by starting up a bunch of NetTaxi accounts.  Letters A-F are already up.  Unfortunately, my progress was thwarted after I created the first account, seemingly because the site is just screwy and they failed to send activation e-mails to my the many Hotmail addresses I created and... but what do you care?  You can just download everything (save the Neo-Geo stuff) from Site 2 =) 

Anyways, unlike last week, there's an update!  Today's roms are HUGE classics: the original NES versions of The Legend of Zeldaand Metroid.  Play them, or you'll be laughed at by any gamer over 20!  Of the five new NES reviews up, three are definitely worth reading: Sesame Street ABC's, Where's Waldo?, and last but not least, Wally Bear and the NO Gang.  If this game doesn't keep you off drugs, I don't know what will! 

3/31/00- IMPORTANT MESSAGE- Once again, an account at which I kept my roms has been deleted.  I'm getting very sick of having to create new accounts and upload all of my roms, only to have them deleted within weeks.  Anyways, I'm going to need your help (yes, YOU).  There are a few ways you can help out...

1. Allow me access to a few hundred megs of space (fat chance of that happening).
2. Find a reliable place that offers 50+ megs of free space and tell me about it.
3. Find out for me if GeoCities is known for deleting accounts with roms and such.

I get around 1000 hits per week right now.  Will you be the one to make a difference?  No update this week-- I'm too annoyed. 

3/24/00- The Site 1 roms are back up.  I will be uploading them to 100 meg FortuneCity accounts from now on.  Because my birthday is next Monday, I've made sure that this week's new roms are extra special! Ninja Gaiden Trilogy and Ecco 2: The Tides of Time.  Actually, they're not much more special than Roms of the Week usually are, but like every other game in my 70-something collection, they're great!  New reviews include Super Mario Bros. 2, in which I explain Mario's humble origins. 

3/20/00- Hmm, XOOM deletes my 'Site 1' rom files once again in record time!  When you're trying to download roms, just click 'Site 2' instead.  Next weekend, I'm going to open up an account at or  Oh well... 

3/18/00- This week's two new roms are incredibly common, mainly because they're really, really good.  If you've never played Super Mario World or Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, now's your chance.  It's two Mario games for the price of one... nothing.  Ain't emulation great?  My 5 new NES reviews include Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom, and the review is every bit as weird as the game's title.  I have created a new Emulation Page as well, so check it out. 

In miscellaneous game-related news, the three-years-in-development PC game Messiah went gold Thursday, and it will be in stores at the end of the month.  Daikatana looks to be going gold very soon as well, like within a week.  It's also been in development for three years.  I'm psyched, because I've had both of cool-looking games on reserve since November.  Let's hope they're better than the last PC game I bought, The Sims... 

3/11/00- First off, I noticed that no one ever signs the guestbook.  Want to?  It took me awhile to figure out just why this week's new roms are classics, but I was finally able to do it.  Check out Ghouls 'n Ghosts and its super sequel Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts.  These two games are challenging 'n fun.  By the way, I'm going to be working on my own emulator page soon so that I can stop linking to's emulator pages.  New NES reviews include Karnov, in which I explain in detail what has become of the game's fat, shirtless main character. 

In gaming news, Bill Gates himself recently made the first official announcement about Microsoft's upcoming gaming platform, the X-Box.  It will feature a 600 MHz processor with 64 megs of RAM and an 8 gig hard drive.  It is said to be three times as powerful as the Playstation2, a machine which is supposedly many times as powerful as the Dreamcast (though the Japanese games thus far haven't shown it).  That's a whole lot of power.  What's really amazing is that the Microsofties will be able to pack all this, even with the hard drive, into normal-sized console casing and sell it at $200 to $300 in late 2001.  By the way, one of its four lead developers, Seamus Blackley, worked on the Jurassic Park PC game Trespasser.  Let's hope his new project turns out better than his previous one! 

Last week, GameSpot posted two screenshots of newly-announced Metal Slug 3!  It looks pretty similar to the first two incarnations, which is definitely a good thing. 

3/5/00- Okay, the 'Site 1' roms, as well as the Neo-Geo roms, are back up.  That's all you need to know... 

3/4/00- XOOM has deleted one of the accounts that I keep my roms at.  It happens, and there's not much I can do about it.  All of my roms are still up, however, except for the Neo-Geo games.  All you need to do to get them is click on 'Site 2' rather than 'Site 1'.  I'll try to get the Site 1 links working again tomorrow.  And speaking of roms, two new ones are up today!  Lode Runner is the arcade conversion of my favorite Apple IIe game.  Super C is the last game in the Contra series I will ever add.  New NES reviews include Dragon's Lair, which doesn't measure up to the gameplay of the old laserdisc game... which is pretty sad. 

2/27/00- MadGames has left XOOM and moved to Tripod, and with good cause.  The XOOM banners at the top of my page were starting to annoy me.  Will my stay at Tripod be a good one?  Only time will tell... 

2/25/00- First off, I'm getting tired of the cheesy XOOM banners at the top of my page.  Time to relocate!  If anyone knows of a really good, fast, free place that can provide me with web space, e-mail me.  A couple of new Classic Roms are up this week.  The first is BlackThorne, a Prince of Persia style action-adventure where malevolent players can shoot helpless prisoners in the brain.  Did that get your attention? ;-)  The next game is a bit more clean-cut.  It's the fun arcade puzzler Solomon's Key.  In the reviews section are 5 new NES reviews, including A Boy and His Blob.  The real truth behind this psycho game is explained... 

Other gaming news: According to, it is almost a sure thing that the Playstation2 will cost $299.  No matter what gaming websites and publications try to tell you, this is very bad.  Last Christmas, the Dreamcast was considered a huge hit, selling about 1.5 million units.  However, the Playstation sold about 3.3 million and the N64 1.9 million, with only that $100 difference.  In another recent DailyRadar article, similar PS2 and Dreamcast games were compared.  Seems that, in terms of graphics, the two systems seemed about equal.  PS2 is supposedly several times as powerful as the DC, but if you really expect to see a game look even twice as good as Shenmue or Resident Evil: Code Veronica anytime soon...  Read this article. 

2/19/00- This week's new Classic Roms are pretty hard to come by.  In Haunting Starring Polterguy, you play as a poltergeist who must scare the bejeesus out of a rotten family.  Thanks to Phelan for sending it to me.  I have never seen it available on the internet before.  Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad is an explosive and very fun top-down shooter for the Neo-Geo.  It's so huge that I had to split it into three files.  In the NES review section, there are 5 new reviews, including the Adventure Island series.  If you ever wondered what it's like to be a midget in a grass skirt on a deserted island, you'll probably have a good time playing the AI games. 

2/11/00- Time for the weekly update!  Two new roms are up.  Both are unrealistic sports titles that you may have heard of: Punch-Out!! and Blades of Steel.  Downloading these is like downloading fun missiles to your hard drive.  5 new NES reviews up, including Superman.  Read it to find out what really happened to Christopher Reeve.  The whole thing is true, I sware! 

A few other things.  First, The Sims.  A couple of weeks ago, I recommended that everyone preorder the game, because it was sure to be incredibly good.  To anyone who actually listened to me, I deeply apologize.  Though some people love it to death, I am not one of them.  Take my advice and do what I did: sell your copy on eBay for $35. 

I've got GREAT news for Dreamcast owners looking to save serious money.  Someone sent me a link to this site, and I can't thank them enough.  The site has a code number for an internet coupon which will get you a whopping 50% off Dreamcast games at another site.  That's right, 50%, no catch.  Imagine getting Crazy Taxi for $25.  Joy. 

On a sad note, legendary entertainer Jim Varney has died.  Varney starred in such films as Ernest Goes to Camp, Ernest Saves Christmas, Ernest Goes to Jail, Ernest Scared Stupid, Ernest Rides Again, Ernest Goes to School, Slam Dunk Ernest, Ernest Goes to Africa, and Ernest in the Army.  Ernest the Pirate had to be canceled. 

2/4/00- Two new roms are up, and they both have interesting screenshots to go along with them!  The Punisher is an arcade beat-'em-up where you get to bludgeon the bad guys with everything you can find, including javelins!  Worms is a fun li'l game where worms blast each other to pieces.  The 5 new NES reviews up include two Simpsons games... it's a crap overload! 

1/30/00- Site 2 is now up!  What this means is that if XOOM decides to delete my Site 1 rom account, I'll still have a backup rom account from which visitors can download. 

1/29/00- Heyyy.  Site 2 is still down, but two new roms are up!  Joust is an arcade classic that can still be pretty enjoyable today- really!  Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose is a surprisingly unique and fun platformer that's not just for the young 'uns.  This week's 5 new NES reviews include Platoon, in which the world's saddest movie is turned into the world's saddest game. 

In other "news", if you haven't reserved The Sims yet, do so now, because that game is gonna be sweet!  FYI, though the system requirements on the box will say that a 233 MHz is required, designer Will Wright says that it will run on even slower systems as long as you don't have any big parties :-)  I also have Messiah and Daikatana reserved, but I'm not sure of those will ever be out! 

1/22/00, 3:00 PM- OOOHHHHH YEEEEAAAHHH!!!  The roms are back up!  It took me a couple of hours, but every single game is available once again from the "Site 1" links.  I'm going to try to make this site more Xoom-proof soon.  The new roms this week are two very creepy Genesis titles: SplatterHouse 3, the goriest game on the block, and Castlevania Bloodlines, an extremely fun addition to the classic series.  My 5 new NES reviews include the first 3 games in the Mega Man series, and a look at what Mega Man is REALLY like.  Ya gotta read it, trust me.  For the first time in months, the Adventure Game Design section has been updated, with a few new AfterShocked! screenshots and more info about the game.  And for a whole lot of roms, try Rom Masters, 'cuz it's a nice place to be. 

1/22/00- OOOOOOHHHH, NOOOO!!!  Xoom has just deleted my second account that I used to store roms!  ALL ROMS ARE DOWN FOR A DAY OR TWO!  I wish there was some way I could make those big ol' jerks, pay, but alas, there is not.  I'll just have to be more careful...1/17/00- I added a link to Planet NES, an excellent NES and SNES rom site.  I'm going to start up a new backup rom account this weekend, after midyear exams are over. 

1/13/00- Alas, my suspicions were correct.  XOOM did indeed find and delete the "madgy80" account which I used to store roms.  The roms are still available from my "madgui80" account, but it looks like I'll just have to start up a new backup account.  Also, I sent XOOM webmaster (assuming he is a person, though probably not) this e-mail from one of my addresses.  I thought it was kind of funny... 

You know what?  My madgy80 account was deleted for seemingly no reason.  I was just trying to set up a humble site for shareware games, when your goons went and deactivated my account, probably thinking it was warez or something.  The unlimited space at Xoom is nice, but members shouldn't have to live in this kind of terror.  For shame...  Please reactivate the account, or I will be forced to set up a new one.


This week's new roms are the classic arcade racing game Outrun and the cult classic RPG EarthBound.  There'a a lot of classic going down!  Whoopee!  The 5 new NES reviews that are up include The Little Mermaid, which was reportedly used as a teaching tool in a college course on marine biology. 

NextGame 33 was a runner-up in a lot of award categories in the Hoodian Awards and the IF ZZT Excellence Awards.  Two highest honors: Best Gameplay in the Hoodians, and third place for Game of the Year in the IFs.  Almost makes me wish I'd finished the game! 

1/8/00- Wow, Y2K was a complete anticlimax!  I was hoping Saddam Hussein would get blown up, but it didn't happen.  Maybe next year... or not.  The new roms this week are certainly oldies, but by no means are they moldy.  They are Donkey Kong and its shockingly-cruel-to-animals sequel, Donkey Kong Jr.  My 5 new NES reviews include Ghosts & Goblins, which longtime gamers always praise, but know deep down that it's the most frustrating experience they've ever had. 

Unfortunately, it seems that XOOM may have deleted my "madgy80" account, which I used to store roms.  The "madgui80" account is still up, but that doesn't make me any less annoyed.  You'd think Xoom has better things to do than harass small sites like mine.  Is the account deleted for good?  If it's not working in a few days, then I'll just have to start up a new Xoom account and upload everything again.  If anyone knows of a site that will provide members with 50+ megs of space for free, tell me

12/30/99- First and foremost, please click the following link to go to the Top 25 Emulation Sites and then click "Enter" at the bottom of the page.  In doing this, you will be voting for my site.  It will take five seconds and will help me out a lot.  I hope. 

Now, since it's the dawn of the new millennium, I thought I'd do something special.  I've added a whole lot of new info and stuff to the ZZT portion of the site, and created logos for all of the different sections.  Enjoy 'em while you can, because the world is gonna end in a couple of days.  The new roms this week include Contra: Hard Corps and VectorMan, two of the most graphically amazing Genesis games ever to grace the console.  The 5 new NES reviews include 3 duck-themed games.  Try to guess which ones! 

12/24/99, 12:45 PM- Cool, not only is the site better laid-out than before (which makes things easier for me), but each rom now has its own page (which makes things easier for you)!  Check it out... 

12/24/99, 11:30 AM- The roms are temporarily unavailable.  I am working on a brand new format, and everything should be fine later today! 

12/17/99- Early bird update!   The new roms that are up this week are different than anything we've had thus far!  They're Neo-Geo roms!  Metal Slug 1 and 2 are some of the finest shooters around.  They're also the biggest games I have at this site in terms of space consumption.  So big, in fact, that I had to split the roms up into different zips for each game, since XOOM allows 11 MB files max.  5 new NES reviews are up, including the entire series of NES Donkey Kong games, with the notable exception of Donkey Kong Jr. Math.  The entire idea of this confuses me.  Also, I have updated the links section a bit with Genesis Paradise

And hey, MadGames has reached 3000 hits.  Oh boy oh boy.  Maybe I'll try to promote the site more in the near future.  If lame-o sites with 10 miscellaneous roms and atrocious spelling can bring in hundreds of hits per day, then surely I can do better than this!  Also, I'm planning to do a big update during Christmas vacation, so stay tuned... 

12/11/99- If you're interested in some obscure roms, check out the rom section this week, because two new ones are up!  The first game is Nosferatu, which combines the fine art of vampire hunting with the significantly less fine art of beating stuff up.  The second game is DJ Boy, the world's only beat-'em-up on roller skates.  Of course, 5 new NES reviews are up, including the wacky Bump 'n Jump, in which you play a deadly game of bumper cars... 

I have noticed that some of the rom pages have gotten so cluttered with pictures that they can take a ton of time to load, especially on slower connections.  Therefore, I'm considering giving each individual game its own page.  More on this story as it develops... 

12/4/99- This week, the staff of MadGames (myself) has gone ape!  In honor of Rare's new Donkey Kong 64, I have uploaded the first and third games in the Donkey Kong Country series.  And be sure to read the descriptions that go along with them.  They're pretty wacked.  Also, I've started work on the NES reviews section.  5 reviews are up, including the legendary Barbie game!  Go there... 

By the way, if someone could tell me where I could find the Haunting starring Polterguy Genesis rom, I'd be much obliged.  A couple of website recommendations, also:  The first is Mobygames, which may one day become the definitive listing of every computer game ever made.  The second is Daily Radar, IGN's new games/entertainment site.  It's very unique. 

11/23/99- Early update this week due to a day known as Thanksgiving and a trip to New Jersey.  I didn't have time to write up any reviews, but there are two new roms available.  Super Punch-Out!! is the most humorous boxing game you've ever played, 'cept for maybe that Ready 2 Rumble game.  Blaster Master is yet ANOTHER relatively large adventure game for the NES, only this one has a really rabid fanbase! 
And remember to get the excellent, yet really buggy Messiah demo, provided you have a 233 MHz computer with a 3D accelerator (though I've heard it will work on a lesser machine).  Shiny is really listening to their fans on the Messiah message boards, so if you want to voice an opinion, now is the time to do it. 

11/20/99- Today MadGames has a coupla new roms.  The first is Tetris Attack, which is really pretty addictive, and the second is NBA Jam TE, a fun time-waster (and one of the only sports games I've ever enjoyed).  I've added SNES reviews for these games, as well as 3 new Playstation reviews.  For the time being at least, I'm finished with the PSX reviews section.  Now I just have to decide what to work on next... 

Last night, the Messiah demo was released, and I have a (dull) story to go along with it.  When I got home from school, I immediately checked to see if it was out.  Gamespot hadn't uploaded it yet.  About an hour later, I checked  Apparently, Shiny was working out some last minute bugs.  So, for the next five or so hours only stopping for dinner, I waited at the computer.  Hey, I'd already been waiting for a couple of years, right?  Anyways, Mr. David Perry, Shiny's president, posted on the Messiah message boards that it would be out at 12:30 Pacific time.  I'm not in that time zone, so I went to sleep.  Before doing this, I set my alarm for 6:30, so that I could get up bright and early for demo goodness.  That's just what I got!  Anyways, I posted my thoughts about the demo here.  It was worth the 75 meg download, believe me.  Unfortunately, a bunch of guys on the message boards seem to be having compatibility problems.  If you too suffer compatibility-itis, then look for some solutions here at the message boards. 

11/13/99- More stuff this week, kids.  Two SNES roms.  The first is Mickey Mania, a surprisingly fun title starring everyone's favorite disease-carrying rodent.  The second is Super Off Road, an addictive top-down racer.  I added a review of this game to the SNES reviews page, along with four Playstation reviews.  These include Street Fighter Alpha, which has a personal story to go along with it... 

Only six days until the Messiah demo is out!  And to think I've only waited two and a half years to play it.  In the meantime, I'd have to recommend the demo of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine.  The full version will be out this week, and I predict some good reviews.  By the way, tells me that Daikatana won't be out until December 21st, which means that it will miss much of the Christmas rush.  I'll bet John Romero and Ion Storm are kicking themselves for not getting it finished sooner.  If you're still bored after the Indy demo, make sure your computer is Y2K compliant by downloading the piece of software found here.  The whole procedure is pretty quick. 

11/7/99- By the way, I recently bought Grand Theft Auto 2.  It's a very fun game, but the cheating programs found at this site make it a LOT better.  No more paying $50,000 to save your game.  With the cheats, GTA 2 is worth buying.  Without them, prepare for some serious frustration.  That is all... 

11/6/99- Despite my plea for help last week, none of the 120+ people who visited this site bothered to even suggest a rom of the week or tell me what they thought of the abandonware idea.  Thanks a bunch, guys.  It's not very rewarding to run a site like this when so few people bother to give you feedback about anything.  I dunno, maybe it's just time to promote the MadGames Page more. 

Anyways, roms.  New this week are the Space Harrier style 3D forward-scrolling shooter Burning Force, and yet another large NES adventure, The Goonies 2.  The 5 new Playstation reviews include two Mortal Kombat games, neither of which have any polygons!  On Playstation!  Ye-gads! 

10/30/99- Have a spooktacular Halloween, kids!  You may have noticed that MadGames has a new logo, which was created by Lord Vecna.  Pretty cool, eh?  Every few months, I'm going to do a new site logo so that the previous one doesn't get too stale.  As for updates, the new roms this week are Mighty Final Fight, which is like the original only with actual humor, and Legacy of the Wizard, which is a big-huge NES platform adventure type thing.  5 new Playstation reviews have been added, including the timeless classic Spice World

IMPORTANT STUFF, PLEASE READ: Lately it's been getting harder and harder to come up with really good games to add to my roms section.  That's why I need YOUR help (yes, YOU).  If you would like to make a suggestion about what new roms I should add, then by all means, e-mail me!  If you're feeling generous, you could give me a copy of the rom, but you don't have to do this.  If I think the game that you've suggested is worthy of a place in my own "Hall of Fame", then I'll upload it.  Also, I've been thinking about including abandonware (PC games that are no longer supported by the publisher) in with the roms.  Tell me if you think that this is a brilliant idea, or hands-down the worst I've ever had. 

10/21/99- I'm real sorry about this, but there shan't be an update this week.  I've been very busy lately, and this weekend I have to go down to New Jersey, which is a five hour trip.  Some good news, though.  This won't happen again anytime soon :) 

10/16/99- Heh heh, it seems like the A-F rom section is getting really overcrowded!  Today, we have two new additions: a little Genesis platformer that goes by the name of Aladdin, and the inevitable Contra 3: The Alien Wars on SNES.  Of course, five new Playstation reviews are up, including Cool Boarders, which I became deadly confused with.  The "About Madguy" section has been updated for the first time since it was conceived.  But only a little.  On the other hand, there is a new voice sample.  Also, I decided to use the Xoom counter.  It comes with a guestbook.  Please sign it

In other news, don't buy a Gravis Gamepad Pro, because mine seems to be at least partially broken.  Don't end up like me!  I tried a couple of new demos this week, and here are the recommendations. Grand Theft Auto 2 has the most incredibly addictive demo I've ever played!  It only lasts 8 minutes (then you blow up), but I've spent a couple of hours on it.  Plus, it's only 12 megs.  Then, there's the wicky wicky Wild Wild West demo.  Blargh, what a waste of 50 megs.  If you liked the movie, then you might want to try this demo (don't crowd, now...).  Finally, the Driver demo.  Seems like a fun game, but come on, a 50 meg download for a one minute police pursuit?  Blargh.  Of course, if you have a very fast internet connection (like me, heh heh heh), then by all means download any of these.  Uhh, except for maybe Wild Wild West

10/9/99- The Genesis roms that I have uploaded this week are both platformers, one realistic, one not.  They're Flashback and The Revenge of Shinobi.  As usual, 5 new Playstation reviews are up, including the Will Smith-endorsed Independence Day.  Three completed backgrounds from AfterShocked! have also been added.  Personally, I like 'em!  An update at states that their LinkExchange counter dropped 450,000 hits recently, which means I'm not the only one having problems.  So, I'm trying out a couple of new counters. 

10/2/99- Luckily, I was able to find that Robin Hood rom I was looking for.  It's a very cool adventure/RPG that you've just gotta try, as is Faxanadu, which I have also uploaded.  5 new Playstation reviews are up, including the widely-despised 32-bit Contra series.  And hey, I might have some images of scenes from AfterShocked! soon. 

9/24/99- Well, I wanted to feature Robin Hood on the NES as one of this week's Classic Roms, but I couldn't because of my inability to find it!  If you know of a good NES rom site (they're getting rarer and rarer these days), please tell me.  Anyways, I've uploaded F-Zero, a really fun SNES racing game, and DuckTales, which may be the greatest "Disney Afternoon" game ever.  The 5 new Playstation reviews that are up include Final Fantasy VII and VIII.  I have to warn you, my opinions on these games are very strong! 

A couple other things: War-Torn is the Classic Game of the Month for September '99 at zzt.archive!  This has inspired me to REALLY get working on AfterShocked!  I have a legacy to live up to, or something.  Thanks, Hercules!  Also, GameSpot recently did an article on the rise and fall of Trilobyte, the designers of The 7th Guest.  It's very long, but very interesting.  Did you know that they had one game, a collection of puzzles from their other games, that sold only 170 copies (27 during the holiday season)?  The article says that the company is completely dead, but I checked their website, and it looks like it's been updated recently...  A zombie company? 

9/19/99- Alright, NOW it's time for an update.  You've probably heard of Shiny Entertainment's upcoming PC game Messiah.  Since it will finally be released in about two months, I have an excuse to "honor" Shiny by adding the Earthworm Jim and Earthworm Jim 2 roms.  There are also 5 new Playstation reviews, including a game that is rumored to have been in development for 5 or 6 years, Heart of Darkness.  In other news, Xoom seems pretty danged slow (plus my site seems to be down a lot), so I might move my page to Geocities.  That is, if it's fast enough.  I'll look into this more soon... 

9/18/99- D'oh!  There was supposed to be an update today, but some guy named Floyd knocked out my power.  Expect one tomorrow instead. 

A few weeks ago, I participated in a live chat with Vance DeGeneres, a correspondant on Comedy Central's hilarious mock news program The Daily Show.  If you watch it (and you should), then you might be interested in what Vance had to say... 

MadFan: Do the people you interview know that they will be appearing on a 
   comedy news show? 

   vance_degeneres: Most do, some don't. These days the show is much higher 
   profile, so yes, most people understand that it's not going to be Dateline NBC. 

MadFan: Is there anything in particular you do to get your comedic juices flowing? 

   vance_degeneres: I find that 30 minutes prior to showtime, just going into a 
   room and spending ten or 15 minutes of quiet time meditating.. and then doing 
   some crack works best. 

9/10/99- A lot has happened in the past week.  School started.  Final Fantasy VIII was released.  A power outage nearly rendered Netscape useless on my computer.  I finally bought that computer pen I always wanted.  Speaking of which, the first AfterShocked! picture ever has been posted in the Adventure section.  5 new Playstation reviews have been added, as well as 2 new roms, each a classic (and time-consuming) adventure: the gleefully good Zelda: A Link to the Past, and, in honor of Final Fantasy VIII, we have Final Fantasy III.  Cool, eh? 

9/3/99- It's "Near-Perfect Week" here at MadGames.  I've added 2 new roms to the ol' collection, each of which received a 95% rating in the reviews section.  These near-perfect games include the inevitable Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and the classic, underrated shooter Gunstar Heroes.  My first 10 Playstation reviews have also been added, including a couple of games from wacky mascot Crash Bandicoot

In other news, I recently played a couple of new (and very large) demos: Prince of Persia 3D and Septerra Core.  Since I'd been waiting to play these games for a couple of years, I might as well tell you what I thought.  POP3D brings the gameplay of the earlier Prince games into 3D very nicely.  It's pretty much how you'd expect a 3D Prince of Persia to feel.  Tomb Raider-like exploration and sword-fighting seem to be the two basic elements that the game consists of.  While the sword-fighting is very fun, the Prince doesn't control quite as well as he should during exploration.  He and the camera are a bit too slow.  Also, enemies are incredibly stupid when they're not fighting you hand-to-hand.  Septerra Core brings console RPG gameplay to the PC very well.  I liked the battle system a lot, and the prerendered graphics look purdy.  The voice acting could be better, but it's not a big problem like in Resident Evil.  At 87 megs, the demo is absolutely huge.  On the other hand, it took me hours to complete.  While it's worth downloading the Septerra demo, I can't say the same for the Prince demo unless you have a very fast connection.  In both cases, I'd wait for some reviews before buying these games.  That is all. 

8/28/99- Coolness, the roms are now up at two different sites, which means that if the first one's not working, you should probably try the second one.  In other news, school will be starting soon.  Since I'll have homework, AfterShocked!, this website, and Final Fantasy VIII to deal with, I'll only be updating once per week.  The updates will usually come on Friday or Saturday.  Sorry, guys, but that's just the way it is... 

8/27/99- Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a decent provider of free unlimited space, though I searched high and low.  Crosswinds seemed okay at first, but then I realized that uploading took approximately 7 times as long as it does on Xoom!  Tomorrow, I will set up another Xoom account for roms (since one that I already had seems to have stopped working completely, though the other is fine).  For now, have fun with the 2 new roms that I've uploaded to Site 1: the surprisingly addictive arcade hit Paperboy, and Donkey Kong Country 2, the best in the series.  8 new Genesis reviews are up as well, including the vectoriffic Vectorman series.  This totals 108 Genesis reviews, which means I have reviewed every Genesis game that I have played thus far.  Next up: Playstation reviews. 

8/18/99- Attention!  Does anyone know of a site like Xoom that offers free unlimited web space?  The second site where I store my roms at Xoom seems to have disappeared, and I am looking for a new place to store them.  If you can help, please e-mail me.  The recently released MAME .36b2 adds support for a bunch of of early '90s Konami games including The Simpsons.  Therefore, this cool game based on the TV show is one of the new roms which I have added.  The other is Road Rash 3 on Genesis, which is brainlessly addictive and fun.  5 new Genesis reviews have also been added, including the interestingly bad conversion of Forgotten Worlds

8/15/99- I regret to inform all of you Half-Life fans that the section devoted to this game has been taken down.  I had started working with WorldCraft, but right now, I'm concentrating on my adventure game, AfterShocked!, and I don't have time to build maps anymore.  Maybe someday I'll try mapmaking again, but not now, dangit.  A new midi has been added in the adventure game section as well.

8/13/99- Good news!  All of the roms are back up, and are now available from the both a new account that I created, as well as the old one which seems to go down a lot.  I finally put them in alphabetical order as well, though the majority of the roms seem to be in the S-Z section.  Two new roms which have absolutely nothing to do with each other have been added: Capcom's extremely well-made arcade side-scroller Strider and the addictive NES adventure game Crystalis

8/12/99- It's been a day and the roms STILL aren't back up.  I'm terribly sorry about this horrible inconvenience!  I'm going to start up a new Xoom account, but not until tomorrow, because it's kinda late.  This has only happened twice (to my knowledge), and both times have been in the past week.  I hope it's just a temporary problem. 

8/11/99- Ack, the roms are down AGAIN!  They'll probably be back up very soon (any time), but if this happens again, I'm going to do something about it...  Xoom is really getting on my nerves. In the meantime, I've uploaded 10 new Genesis reviews, including the hilarious Road Rash series. 

8/7/99, 9:00 PM- Whoops, false alarm.  Seems wacky old Xoom was just being its usual screwy self.  Now for the update that I had originally planned.  I've added 5 new Genesis reviews and 2 new roms: the original arcade versions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Gauntlet.  If you haven't played either of these, then you don't know what you're missing!  And remember, I'm selling my Nintendo 64 with Mario 64 and Zelda 64 for $95.  Check yesterday's post for full details and stuff. 

8/7/99- What the @%&*?!!  Dangit, it looks like the account that had all of my roms was deleted somehow! This means that all roms are down for today!  Xoom is gonna pay for this!  Expect the roms to be back up tomorrow.  This is the price that comes with unlimited free space... 

8/6/99- There'll be another real update tomorrow, but first, I have an important matter to discuss: The selling of my Nintendo 64.  Yes, I'm looking to sell a Nintendo 64, which is in perfect condition.  It comes along with Super Mario 64 and Zelda: The Ocarina of Time (two of Next Generation's top video games of all time) in their original boxes with manuals and all, as well as a Rumble Pak not made by Nintendo, though it actually works better than Nintendo's.  I'll give you all this stuff at the paltry price of only $95, nearly a third of what it would cost at the store (oh yeah, and then I'll need some money for the shipping, but how can you pass up an offer like this?).  So why am I selling the system?  Because I bought it for two main reasons: Mario and Zelda.  Now that I've played through each of these incredible games, why keep them around when there's cash to be had?  Er, sorry if I sound like a used car salesman, but I need to sell this stuff... and fast!  If no one responds to my offer in 5 days, I'll put the whole package up on eBay, so hurry, for time is running out... 

8/4/99- Oh, goody!  An update!  I've uploaded two new roms, both of which should keep you busy for awhile: Prince of Persia (the great Genesis version) and the SNES oldie, ActRaiser.  The ever-growing library of strangely-written reviews has 10 new entrees in the Genesis section.  And as for  In case you were wondering, that was the full version of 3D Studio MAX which I got from my camp's computers!  I'm against warez, but I doubt anyone reading this has ever even thought of buying it.  And it's gone now, so if you wanted it and didn't get it during the two weeks I had it up, then you should probably come to this site more often :) 

8/3/99- Okay, this time I'm back for good.  Just give me some time to settle in, and expect a real update tomorrow! 

7/16/99- I'm back!... for one day.  Yep, tomorrow it's off to jolly old England.  I had a nice time at camp.  Computers was everywhere.  I even ran into a certain ZZTer named Vampy!  I don't have a Rom of the Week for you today, but I do have a lot of other cool junk from camp.  I'm going to keep this stuff online for a month or so. 

 mad.avi- A small 3D movie I created. A hilarious video clip where Winnie the Pooh is possessed by Satan. A bunch more hilarious video clips that my friend collected. Uh, the unnamed program which I used to do my 3D image (I'm deleting this one right when I get back!). 

There was a funny Star Wars parody that I was supposed to upload, but sadly, I was disconnected before it finished.  D'oh!  I'll be back in two and a half weeks! 

7/3/99- On vacation!  That's right, this will be my last update for awhile, possibly until early August.  I'll be going to computer camp for two weeks, and then to England for another two and a half.  I MIGHT have time to add a couple of Roms of the Week when I get back from camp, though.  Today, not only have I added ten new Genesis reviews for a total of 70 (161 reviews in all!), but I have also added not two, but three new Roms of the Week!  These include Contra and Kirby's Adventure, two of my favorite NES games, and also Super Mario All-Stars, the definitive Mario collection for SNES.  See ya! 

6/30/99- Small news: 10 new Genesis reviews, including the entire 1 million Sonic games.  Big news: The Adventure Game Design section has been redesigned to accommodate the horde of new information about my next game, AfterShocked!  Hey, even the storyline is available to read!  No pictures yet, but expect some shortly after I get back from camp and vacation this August. 

6/28/99- Okay, I have 10 new Genesis game reviews for ya.  A bit of news, also: I have a lot of new information about my adventure game, soon to be in the works, only the info isn't up yet.  I'll be changing the design of the adventure page before the week is over, though.  Stay tuned...

6/25/99- Hey, yeah, finals are over, and I'm out of school.  Too bad I'll be gone for part of the summer.  Still, that doesn't mean we all can't have fun until then!  Ten new Genesis reviews are in, and two new Roms of the Week are up: Super Metroid and Fantastic Dizzy.  Two adventures.  Two systems.  One heart... 

6/18/99- It may not be Halloween, but you'll think it's October when you play this week's Roms of the Week!  Super Castlevania IV and Zombies Ate My Neighbors: Two scary SNES games from Konami.  Mucho fun to be had!  No reviews today, though, because I didn't have time to write any: It's almost time for finals!  Yeah, most of you kids are out of school already, but I get out next Friday.  No updates until then, I'm afraid.  One more thing: The hit counter is screwed up!  One day it says I have 500, the next it says I have 472...  Weird. 

6/14/99- MadGames has ten new, painstakingly-written Genesis reviews.  Lucky you! 

6/11/99- My new Xoom account is set up, and all of the roms will reside there from now on.  Two Roms of the Week from here on out!  This week's feature presentations: Sega's classic 3D arcade shooter Space Harrier, and its Genesis sequel, Space Harrier 2!  Give these games ten minutes, and you'll love 'em.  Promise! 

6/9/99- Hey yeah, 10 new Genesis reviews!  Woohoo!  I hope you're as excited as I am.  Oh yeah, and tell five people about this site, because I need hits bad :)

6/6/99- First of all, I've started doing Genesis reviews, and 10 of 'em are up, as well as 1 new SNES review.  But now, onto a more important topic.  Last night, I was informed by some slackers in the #darkdigital IRC channel on Austnet that Xoom now gives its users unlimited space for free.  They were right!  Therefore, I'll be able to upload tons of roms!  All I've got to do is start another account (anything to avoid detection).  I'll probably stick with the ol' Rom of the Week plan, only it'll be two roms per week instead of one.  Also, this means that I won't have to delete roms that have been on my site for a few weeks.  Yeah! 

6/4/99- Since it's Friday, the new Rom of the Week is up.  This week, the award goes to Final Fight 3, the best darn 16-bit beat-'em-up this side of Metro City.  Also, I will be keeping the previous Roms of the Week for up to five previous weeks on my Geocities account before deleting them.  Everyone knows five roms are better than one... 

6/1/99- 7 new SNES reviews, which makes 90.  Now I'll be starting on either Genesis or PC reviews, and stuff.  Also, NextGame 33 somehow managed to get Game of the Month at zzt.archive.  Yar! 

Now, all everyone seems to be talking about lately is Star Wars.  In order to set all of you goons straight, I've decided to give you MY opinion of the film (and I know you always listen to my opinions :).  It gets a 70% from me.  Sure, 19/20ths of the shots in the film (literally) contained computer graphics, but when you've got dialogue this dull and lifeless, who cares?!  And besides, the kid who played Anakin was the worst child actor I've seen in awhile!  I spit on this overhyped piece of semi-trash.  On the other hand, it DID get a 70%, so go see it. 

5/28/98- Hey, yeah!  The very first Rom of the Week is here: Sunset Riders on Super NES!  Play it, you varmint, or there'll be hell to pay! 

5/25/99- 10 new reviews.  Also, the Rom of the Week section will be up soon.  Every Friday or Saturday, I will put up a new rom, description, and screenshots, and delete the one from the previous week (I'm not made out of web space).  To keep Xoom from harassing me about this, I will be storing the files on a Geocities account.  Also, I've come up with a plot for my new adventure game.  More info on these matters as it develops... 

5/22/99- Well, thanks to XAbbott's plugging of this site at zzt.archive (hey, thanks, XA!) , I've gotten tons of hits in the past day.  Since so many of you seem to be coming here at the moment, I'd like to announce two new sections.  The first is an obligatory links section.  The second is a "Rom of the Week" section, similar to the one at  Think the latter is a good idea, or an incredibly bad one?  Tell me... 

5/21/99- Yeah, more reviews are in, 10 to be precise.  Wow, this site is getting fewer and fewer hits every week!  What's up with that?  If you've got any suggestions on what I can do to improve things around here, then stop being a clod and tell me :) 

5/17/99- Guess what?  Reviews.  Need I say more? 

5/15/99- Hello, what's this?  More reviews?  Of course!  In case you haven't noticed, every few days I add another 10 or so reviews.  And today is no exception!  Also, I just realized that this site has been around for about a year.  Makes me wish I'd tried to make it into a decent site sooner! 

5/11/99- Reviews, and new ones at that.  10 of 'em!  Plus, I have some new info about how my adventure game will be created.  Just look in the Adventure section. 

5/8/99- Reviews!  Get yer reviews!  There's yet another 11 new ones!  Now only about 500 more to write.  Gee, I'm pretty lucky, aren't I? 

5/5/99- Added another 11 reviews to the Super Nes section on the Reviews page.  Oh yeah, and I'm really trying to increase my traffic on this page.  Now, I've seen sites that are approximately 50% trashier than this one, but somehow they end up getting four times the hits.  If you have any suggestions on how to get more visitors, please e-mail me.  If your suggestion works, you'll not only have a special place in my heart, but I can guarantee you something in return one of these days.  Honest Abe :) 

5/3/99- Hey yeah, the first reviews are in.  Get to the Reviews section for 11 new Super NES reviews.  And then get NextGame! 

5/2/99- Well what do you know, I added even more sections to the ol' page!  If you were wondering about my credentials, there's now an awards page.  HOWEVER, the big news is that this site also has a humorous game reviews section!  There's not much of anything there at the moment, but there will be by the end of tomorrow.  Expect some small, hopefully slightly funny reviews of the many games that I've played. 

On another note, response to NextGame has been good!  According to some of the industry's toughest critics (uhh, the guys in #darkdigital), it's funny and neato, and they wish I'd finished it.  By the way, if you're stuck in the air vent scene, don't feel alone: so is everyone else ;-) 

5/1/99- I have some news that just may get your heart pumping (hopefully not too much, as this could be dangerous).  My 1/3 complete version of NextGame has been RELEASED!  Go get it NOW in the ZZT section!  And if that weren't enough, I've also released a midi file which will be included in my next game (the other NextGame) in the Adventure section!  Ohhh, man, this is big, like!  Also, in case you haven't noticed, there are banners all over the site, now.  Yeeeeaaah. 

4/26/99- Lessee, I added what I hope is a decent counter, and submitted this site to about 10 search engines.  Whoopee. 

4/21/99- Major update!  Yep, I finally got around to adding a whole bunch of sections to this page like I always wanted to!  There's a bunch of new stuff to check out.  My next task is to actually promote this site so that I get more than one hit per day!  By the way, the 33% complete version of NextGame will be released as soon as I get my old computer hooked up and put the finishing touches on it.  Maybe that'll attract two hits per day...  And speaking of hits, I'm getting rid of this stupid Xoom counter because of it's screwiness!  Anyone know where I can get a decent one? 

4/18/99- I finally got around to putting in a counter.  This was probably a bad time to do it, though, since you guys have next to no reason to come here...  But wait a second, maybe you do!  As soon as I copy ZZT to my new computer, I'll put the finishing touches on my 33% complete version of NextGame and release the thing.  Check back every day so my counter will get at least 10 visits by the end of the year, and sign the guestbook while you're at it!

4/4/99- Alright, I have a rather shocking announcement to make...  I'm QUITTING ZZT! Yep, that's right.  Now, you're probably saying to yourself "but why would Mad want to leave ZZT?"  Well, I'll tell ya why.  I've been using ZZT for over two years now.  I'm just getting frustrated by its limitations in terms of graphics, sounds, and overall programming and game design limitations.  Besides, I've gotta try something new sometime!  So what about the future?  I plan to work on a game for the upcoming adventure game design program, SCRAMM.  I also might do some work on Half-Life levels (great game, it is).  And as for NextGame?  One of these days I might just release my 1/3 complete version, as it's nearly fully playable and has two very different adventures in it.  Also, I'll still hang around ol' #darkdigital.  Lastly, thanks for all your high praise of BJ and WT over time, guys.  You're the greatest!  (BTW, tseng redid the awards after that last post!  D'oh!)  So check back here for updates on new projects. 

2/20/99-Awriiight, this page is back up at its brand new Xoom site! And if you think this means that the site will be going through any other changes, you're dead wrong :) Also, my e-mail address is now So just WHY did I move? Well, let's just say, I got fed up with AOL and will now be using that broadband stuff. Awriiight... 

And, since this site DOES deal with my games and such, it's worth mentioning that BJ won even more awards at tseng's own Hoodian awards. I'll only mention the categories where it got more than one vote... Best programming, tie for best music, runner up for best comedy, runner-up for best game (second place there), and it looks like I'm a runner up for best programmer. Excellent, and thanks, dudes. 

1/30/99- Heh, right after that last "update", I realized that I had finals soon, and that I'd have to study my brains out! But never fear, finals are over now, so I can REALLY get this game back on track!

Interactive Fantasies recently held their annual ZZT excellence awards. Gawd, I'm like, swelling with pride. While War-Torn was merely a runner-up for best adventure/RPG, Burger Joint got the real honors! Here's what it got: Best sound effects/music, runner- up for best action game, most innovative, best gameplay, best programming (somehow), and runner-up for best overall! Dang, now I've got a lot to live up to! Well, anyway, I guess this means I'll have to make the drastically different NextGame even better. But thanks, IF!

1/4/99- Although I've promised you that I'd fill you in more about NextGame, I haven't been doing that lately! Christmas vacation+Metal Gear Solid, Zelda, Xenogears and Fallout 2= one lazy dude. I PROMISE that this new startup of work is for real, though! As of now, I'm working on the Titanic parody section of the game. If you've got any good, funny suggestions, jokes, or gags, I suggest you send 'em my way. After all, it's hard to be humorous throughout the ENTIRE game, which is what I'm trying to do. Help me out here, fellas!

12/12/98- Well, you guys can just forget about Frosty, cuz it's not gonna happen <<:-) Yep, I've quit work on it. I realized that it would have been better as a scenario for NextGame, so I'll be using the two boards that I designed in it (in other words, my two-days work wasn't in vain). As of now, I'm working on a Titanic parody segment. You can only guess at what craziness may ensue, heh heh! Currently, the game sits at over 200k. Since it is only a little over a fifth done, I might have to put the entire thing on 3 ZZT files! Now there's a first for me! It'll have the same sort of password system that Code Red did. I'll admit that there's much very lowbrow humor in NextGame, but honestly, there's some great dialogue so far! I hope I don't run out of material before I finish the game.

12/8/98- Oy, sorry for the lack of updates lately, but there hasn't been much to write about in the past month. However, there is now! I now have the computer to myself, and I can resume my ZZTing. I won't be working on NextGame right away, though (surprise!). For about two weeks, I'll be working on a short game titled "Frosty". It's about a snowman who seems like he wants to kill everyone in a typical horror fashion, but there's more to the story than meets the eye... And it'll be released right around Christmas :) Why am I doing this? Well, since NextGame won't be released till May, and I haven't produced a full game since July, I figured you guys might want to see something besides demos come out of the ol' braaaaiin. It's also sort of a cool concept.

In company news, damage inc. and the company it was supposed to merge with, Umlaut Commune, are probably dead. I'm sick of the whole stupid company scene, so I'm going solo from now on. My next works will be "published" under the "MadGames" label. Pretty cool, eh?

11/9/98- Well, I've got good news, bad news... All sorts of news! As you may have heard, six people left damage inc. However, me, breakout, and possibly booth are trying to keep it alive. If you want to join, now's yer chance.

In other news, my monitor is still busted, just not quite as busted as before. I MIGHT still be getting it fixed soon. This means I would be able to work on NextGame a lot if my mom wasn't using the computer for work during the next 5 weeks. Drat.

11/2/98- Oh, drat, drat, drat. I haven't been able to work on NextGame all week. Want to know why?! Because my monitor, which has been semi-defective for 2 years, turned an awful shade of yellow. There's no way I can do graphics when it's like this. The good news is, I'll be getting a new monitor soon. My mother needs to use the computer for work, and "can't bear the yellow". If I'm lucky, there'll be a new 17 inch monitor sitting right here next weekend. Or the weekend after that, I dunno.

On a non-ZZT related topic, I recommend renting "C: The Contra Adventure" for Playstation. It takes all the cool elements of Contra, and puts them into glorious 3D. Much better than Legacy of War.

10/25/98- Yippie- ki-yay! The NextGame Demo is out! It's only partially playable, but there's still a lot of good stuff inside, like music, screens, stuff like that. Enjoy it now, because the full version won't be out until around April 1999! I've actually got plans for a couple of games after I'm finished. I can't divulge any information, but I can promise that they'll be very innovative!

10/4/98- Hmm, it looked as if I had too much news taking up space on this page. that's why I've created my latest invention, the "Old News" section! It's THE place to go for all your classic news needs. Take a trip down memory lane, and visit the Old News section today!

9/8/98- Now this page has descriptions of my games. Whoopee! Now go read 'em! I also modified some stuff in the About Madguy "section" and took out the War-Torn storyline! Oh gosh, can ya feel the excitement?! By the way, if anyone knows how to take good screenshots in ZZT, please e-mail me!

9/6/98- I'm sorry guys, but War-Torn 2 is CANCELED! Why, might you ask? I was getting very bored with having to do such a serious game. Everything about it started to annoy me. My work wasn't up to my usual standards, and I wasn't making much progress.

Never fear, though! My next game, tentatively titled NextGame, is going to be a very funny (well, I hope) Code Red-style game. There will be lots o' paths to take, and a bunch of different endings as well. If I do release a demo, it will be sort of like that second Rhygar 3 demo, where boards, features, etc. are shown, but you can't actually play the game. How could you not love a game with a main character named Matt Ape?

In other news, I'm going to be writing small descriptions of all of my games for this page, soon. Whoaboy!

8/21/98- Eeexcellent. A demo of Ruined World: The Sequel to War-Torn has been made available. I suggest that you download it from the bottom of this page. Now, get going.

8-4-98- I'm baaaack! Guess what that means? It's time to start working on me next game- "Ruined World: The Sequel to War-Torn"! I know, I know, The War-Torn FAQ stated that I would never design a War-Torn sequel, but response to the first game was good, so, what the hey. During my one-month sabattical, I had time to think about what the sequel's game design would be like. First off, the characters from the original game will be gone, to make way for three new main characters! The storyline will pick up 15 years after the original's left off. In other words, same world, new cast. The battle engine will be improved in several ways. The most common complaint I got about the first game was that the battles were too hard. I myself thought they were at just the right difficulty, but I suppose the customer is usually right (ya bunch of wimps). Instead of rushing out two boards a day like I did while designing War-Torn, I'll keep my limit down to only one, but boards will often times be much more detailed than before. I'm thinking about releasing a demo, and you can expect the full version out near the end of this year.

In other news, while at camp, I learned quite a bit more HTML. This means that I might add new sections to this li'l page. Whoopie! And by the way- thanks for all of your comments on Burger Joint, guys! I appreciate 'em!

7-4-98- Hey HEY! After a rather short period of development, Burger Joint is finished! Now go get it at the bottom of this page! In other news, I'm going away for two weeks... and then another two weeks. Expect to see me back on IRC Friday, July 17. I'll be gone the next day, though. Come this August, my work will begin on a sequel to War-Torn. Check back then for details!

6-26-98- Alright, Burger Joint is nigh complete! If you want to be a beta tester, inquire at the front desk (er, just e-mail me.) Check back soon for the completed game, and some news on my next game!

6-5-98- Burger Joint is well under way! I've given a very small demo to a few select people (uh, the ones who asked about it). The game will be finished around late June or early July, and as you might expect, it takes place entirely in a burger joint! In fact, the entire game only takes place on only one screen, split into multiple boards due to memory constraints. This may sound strange, but I guarantee that the gameplay will work out well in the end.